Apex predator incubator


This new apex predator “premium” incubator is a big piece of dinosaur droppings :joy::poop: to put it in the nicest way… honestly tried to give ludia a chance to see if they actually listened to us and put something good out in the market but no… it just gives you a lot of crap and useless DNA instead of giving you decent dinos… sad… so if anyone was thinking about it, spend your money on speeding up arena incubators instead. Lol cheers


I agree with the OP that the Apex Predator Incubator is NOT worth it! I wish he had posted what he specifically received from it, so for those of you reading this, I received the following from mine:

Level 11 Apex Predators – Special Offer Epic Level incubator (x4 value)

Cost: 7,000 In Game Cash (2 Maximum)

Minimum Guaranteed
Epic DNA 649
Rare DNA 1081
Common DNA 12,334
Coins 24,500

Majungasurus 2,164
Lythronax 1,179
Tarbosaurus 4,891
Dimetrodon Gen 2 2,368

Dimetrodon 477
Dilophosaurus 511
Postosuchus 94

Spinosaurus Gen 2 215
Concavenator 435


Thats horrible… So much for a t rexas pictured…


That’s rough. I pulled 400+ TRex so there IS a chance.


@Iconoclast i didnt remember exact numbers, but the dinos were basically the same as yours… nothing important or good :man_facepalming:


Thanks for the detailed post, it really helps.


Whew, I was tempted…thank you for posting your results. Sorry if none of those were a benefit to you.


How is any of it ever worth it lol - paying hundreds of dollars for some 1’s instead of 0’s (random 1’s at that). You people need your heads examined.

I’m all for paying the devs for their excellent work, but these prices are frankly extortionate