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Apex Predators Friendly Draft League Championship

Folks!!! This Thursday at 1pm EST we will be live streaming our Apex Predators Friendly League Draft Championship matches! It’ll be a series of best out of 7 between @quakeur & I! If you’re interested in watching, I’ll be live recording it on my YouTube channel at

Should be a good time!


I won’t be around for the live, but I look forward to watching it :ok_hand:t2:


Could you let us know here a few minutes before it starts? Thanks!

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I can’t wait ! This is going to be epic! :star_struck:

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I wanna seeeeee

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Kudos mate, I’ll be up to watch this. As @Wilshire1966 mentioned, can you please inform us here before starting this off?

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Will be watching. Both guys constantly kick my butt. :joy:

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1pm EST

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May RNGesus bless you.

Match going down in half hour, livestream taking place on my YouTube channel.


Good luck, team Apex!


Is this going to still be in ur channel after the livestream. Got busy at work. Cant watch rn

Congratulations! @Marktheshark for winning ApexPredators Draft League!


Congrats !

Last match was really close, a real battle at 3-3 it was intense.

Too bad the friendly battle functionality is not working very well, between the times where we had to restart because we couldn’t see each other in friendlist or just the crash where times run to 0 and nothing happens, no attacks…I had 2 crashes like that in 9 matchs, that’s way too many…


Yeah it’ll be up on my channel

@Marktheshark congrats on winning. Watched the whole hour video :sweat_smile: longest youtube video ive watched in long time

Well I hope it was worth your time lol

It was good. Some very intiricate strategies on both ends. Liked the commentary too

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Ya I was originally gonna do pre-recorded, but then @Legomin1314 suggested I do a live video, then suggested yesterday I add in some commentary so folks can get an idea of what’s going on in my thoughts as far as my strategy goes

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Well done! Gratz on winning the inaugural draft. @Marktheshark :+1: