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Apex Predators Recruiting


Hey Folks, Apex Predators are open to bringing in a handful of new comrades that are hard working, contending quality players, in gameplay & character. Ideally folks that are around the top 250-range.

We’re strongly against spoofing/botting/cheating of any nature and hold all our players to said standard.

If this interests you, feel free to message @Legomin1314, @Idgt902 or myself with your player profile information. Happy Hunting, & best of luck to everyone in this tournament!


I have around 20,000 irritator dna. Will that help my application?


Haha. That’s a lot of irritators! I’m not sure if that will help, as most members in rhat clan have max dinos in their team :slight_smile:.


Hmmmmmm that does carry quite some appeal, but not sure if being a bolstered Irritator DNA carrier is all we’re looking for haha

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Oh… it would help…


Now now I wouldn’t throw out dinocop’s application quite yet. Maybe they can be my plus 1 and a half??


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: ya ok guy


I’m curious to even see this 20k DNA


Throw in all the dilo we could imagine and we have a deal haha


Hey, i’m interested to join your alliance. Played under the name granatengerald until the update some days ago. Then it said my player name is not legit, so i had to rename :smiley:


What rank are you?


Rank 28. I played all the top ranked players for the last two month i guess. Player name is adrianoceratops now.


I sent you DM


Sorry, I originally made a post asking a question, because I’ve heard some JWA youtubers are hackers. I have no idea why I got flagged, I asked a question that I was hoping I would get an answer for.

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No he is not.


It is actually over 20,000, but on our 3 accounts lol. We don’t play as serious as your alliance. Don’t care about trophy rank. As long as we can win incubators in any arena we don’t invest more DNA in our dino’s. That’s why we have so much dna for them with the exception of dimetrodon and a few epics. Most of our teams have been the same since the second tourney. My kids are more interested in getting the new uniques and spending their limited coins there rather than investing their coins in making level 30 guys. For example, Stegod and trago have been level 27 and 23 for the past 3 months. We have collected a lot of dna for them, just haven’t used it.

Yes have dilo dna too. Gen 2 spawns at the park by my house. VIP covers a bit of the park but dilo usually just outside the range so they go to the park and dart.


Alliances should really be open to anyone after all that’s what they are for to help each other to help progress in the game.

Unfortunately not everyone is not of the same standard of you so therefore you don’t want them in your alliance? Where’s the helping other players in that…


Each alliance come with different standards, that is quite normal. Especially if they want to remain competitive, which is great. There are more casual alliances out there that meet your standard Kristen. :slight_smile:


My standard is neither high nor low thanks! my alliance accepts everyone and does pretty well

There isn’t room for big headed egotistical people who think there alliance is only for the elite we are there to help others progress in the game not massage each others egos :blush:


While that is not the type of alliance that I am in it seems to me that it is more elitist to judge a group of like minded players that want to associate with each other. Why do you care?