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Apex Predators Recruiting

Did just play Adriano from your guys alliance.

Not me lol. I’m getting ready to go in the arena in about half hour. Driving home now

@Idgt902 :heart_eyes:
He’s one of the best around no question asked


Yup you really have to be bad at the game! Or you cannot be a part of We stink alliance

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Respected Sir
I am Brian #3397. I am currently in Jurassic Ruins and wish to join your alliance. I know my player level is too low when compared to your alliance but I can assure you that I am a dedicated player. Given the chance, I would not disappoint you. My user Id is Brian #3397.
Thanking you

I am interested in joining you alliance. I have a low player level yes but i am a hard working player. I lost all my progress when I got a new phone but I am working on a way to find my lat account then combine it with my current account. Please consider me. My player name is coyoteguy77 #4091

Hi I’m Sillycactus2181 #9519 I’m on aviary like Dianasweetey I would love to join this alliance I’m an active player, I will help with the alliance incubators and tournaments. And is always free to do raids. I hope you take this under consideration.

Hi I’m battleplayer30YT and I am in Siena marshes can I please be in the alliance I’ve been looking for one and I still don’t have one can I please be with y’all

My code is 3448

I’m not sure why so many players are not reading the original post, and have to bring back this almost year old thread every now and then. Apex Predators is one of the top team and is mostly made from the top players in the world. If they want to replace a team member, I’m sure they already have a waiting list that is pretty long, made from other top players in the world that would like to join them. Unless, as they said, you’re one of the top 250 players currently, I don’t think there’s any reason to apply.


Same people that walk into McDonald’s and apply to be the CEO.

I’m genuinely surprised this thread hasn’t been shut down for Necroposting

Necro-posting rules do not apply to alliance recruitment threads.

What a sec, you can do that?


Well last I checked they had some weaker members that were nowhere near even he top 5000

They do but they might simply be alts.

Absolutely agree with this. Those guys likely have at least two accounts each minimum. Farming, bringing them onboard, exchanging DNA, making raids with their higher dinos, etc. Would be curious to find out how many dinos rotate in those top alliances.

But the current discussion has little to do with recruitment at all. Wouldn’t it be derailing at least?

They probably all hoping the top players will carry them for the mortem raids, doesn’t hurt to ask right lol. Or alternatively may be all these posts begging to join are fake :joy:

Hi @Sara, I am a current co-leader of Apex Predators and dropped you a PM regarding this thread.

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