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Apex Predators Recruitment

Apex Predators are currently recruiting. We are a top alliance with dedicated and passionate members who work together to achieve our various in-game goals, be it the 10/10 weekly missions, alliance championships or the various raids. We are also part of a co-op with multiple level 20 sanctuaries.

We are currently looking for 1 new member who is in the top 500 and passionate about the monthly alliance championship tournaments to join our family. Please drop me a DM with a basic introduction of yourself and a screenshot of your arena team if you think you fit what we are looking for.


Update: We currently have 2 spots open, for those who are interested please drop me a DM with a basic introduction of yourself and a screenshot of your arena team.

The ApexPredators family is recruiting 1-2 new members

We are a group of Veterans consistently very well placed in all competitive aspects of the game.
Above all we value our community and members. Our members are all adults with families and responsibilities. This is why we also understand that private life always comes first. The group’s cohesion is key to us.

Thus, please be aware that you will first be applying to join our friends server if you aren’t already a part of it and none of our current friends or members vouches for you.

We offer :

:white_check_mark: Sanctuaries : min. 3 Lvl20 sancs with a very healthy and drama free co-op.

:white_check_mark: Alliance Championship : among the few offering T10 reward in the 5 weeks Championship.

:white_check_mark: Weekly Alliance Rewards : always maxed out 10/10.

:white_check_mark: Raids : we are team oriented and many of us have dedicated raiding dinos to help.

:white_check_mark: DNA donations : +95% of the requests are maxed out. Again, our members are team-oriented and we also have many hardcore hunters among us sitting on stocks of spare DNA.

Our requirements are the following :

:arrow_forward: Tournament participation- our members have end season targets to reach that are fair.

:arrow_forward: We do expect our members to do their daily missions & help with alliance missions & donations.

:arrow_forward: Follow the sanc rules.

:arrow_forward: Communicate with your teammates on discord.

:arrow_forward: Remember that you are Apex (and as such are held to a higher standard whether it is “fair” or not) and present yourself to the community as such. - ie: no heavy emoting spamming in game or out of hand/insulting/disparaging/derogatory comments on discord, facebook, forum (etc).

We will ask you to answer a set of questions during your application and to share some screenshots with us. We generally look for players with a +6000 trophies finish in the arena but this can be discussed further if you perform well in tournaments.

Please feel free to contact me directly on discord (Shinsousama#0734). As communication via discord is mandatory to join us, applications through other feeds will not be taken into consideration.
Thanks in advance for your interest.


We are currently looking for a few new members to join. All inquiries please reach out to myself, @Shinsousama @practicekat or @Cawl . Thank you.

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Hi, I would like to join your alliance. I’m an active player with good progression since a few weeks.
My best team is:
Indominus Rex Level 24 with boost 7/6/7 (Health/Performance/Speed)
Trykosaure Level 21 with boost 2/2/1
Monolometrodon Level 19 with boost 1/2/4
Phorusaura almost Level 18
My pseudo in the game: diver3416
I’m French.
Thanks in advance to accept me in your alliance.
Best Regards

I made a demand on Jurassic World alive to Shinsousama and practicekat.
Have a good day

Hi @diver3416 unfortunately you do not meet the minimum requirements for joining us.

Is it the being French part?

I think our post from beginning of the month is quite complete and self explanatory on the requirements.
Nevertheless, thanks for the interest in joining us.

Can I join ur Alliance.a daily regular hardcore player with lvl 16(almost going on 17)…I drive my bike to collect daily coins can I join ur Alliance…I hv few battles on apexes as well.

I don’t think you understand, the minimum requirements are that you have 6000 trophies in pvp. That is A LOT

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A good alliance also wants good players. sounds fair🤷🏼‍♂️

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