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Apex predators

how do i collect apex predators?

You do raids and get DNA(you have to be lvl 18 or above to do Apex raids)

ty i am level 20!cannot find people to apex raid with me

What is ur in game name.

Send me a pic of ur profile with ur highest dinos…

Get Phorurex on your team!

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game name is keith

get grypolyth and replace sarcorixis with it

It looks from your picture that you have a couple that will work with raid strategies. Your Thor, of course. It can be used in all the Apex raids. To give you an idea what you need to join raids, see my chart below. These are my creatures and levels I use to defeat all the raids. I have two working strategies on three of the raids. If you have any of the smaller utility creatures apart from Thor you can join raids using the strategy that works with them. There are other strategies that use other creatures then what I show but hope this will help to know what you need to work on. The more of these you have, the better as not everyone will have all these creatures at the required level. Not all my accounts have all these creatures. My little account is my utility creature account with all the lower level ones.

i have phourex on my fight team and

@Keith_Pope are you not in an alliance with discord?


I think you probably need to consider joining an alliance that will help you with the apex raids.

Keith,listen actually u r not upgrading ur creatire which r volatile to raid. As well as to PvP.