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Apex PVP meta

So as Hadros Lux’s begin to appear and Mortem Rex are already running around at lvl 27-28 even, what meta-relevant creatures are the hard counters to each of the current Apex creatures?

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You’ll want to use fierce/resilient creatures with immune decel against hadros. Mortem in particular comes to mind. Gem and dio also get the job done.

Use cunning creatures against mortem. Creatures with distraction and evasion in particular. Erildominus and magna are good, just be careful if it has cleansing impact at the ready.

Apexes are good but not OP.

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Hadros Lux is rather problematic since it doesn’t have many counters in 1v1. It is countered by: Diorajasaur, Geminititan, Mammolania.

I am unsure whether Grypolyth still counters Hadros Lux. Before the change this week, it could, but barely so. The change might have killed it.

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I’ve read Grypo is a hard counter to Ceramagnus, but that will also have to be put to the test with its update and no Magnus in the field yet

Yeah, it is quite useful even without boost.

I’m in 5400-5600 and she is defending quite well.

Great health, decent attack. 2 in a row rampages, one of them resilient. Immunity to decel and resilient counter attack.

It is great againt Thor, Rinex and stunners. Being able to do good damage to Tenentorex, quite disturbing for Zor… Obviously suffers against tanks such as dio or tarkus.

I need many more battles to build strategy with my own team and see if finally fits.

Grypholyth’s nerf effects its stun immunity (25% chance it can be stunned) and its ability to run (25% chance it can escape a mirror match).

Against Hadros so long as the boosting on both isn’t too antagonistic, Grypho can chip Hadros to death much like how it chips Dioraja.

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Kind of hard to tell whether something that’s meant to be the strongest is OP