Apex Raid Burn-out

I’ve done 115 strait days of Apex raiding, winning every day since the 6th day of starting this.

It was getting very tedious through the middle of this but I have one account that just got all 7 raid Apex’s today.

I need to win 3 more raids to unlock them all on the other 3 accounts but I am just burnt out. At least now, there are 4 I can skip but want to complete this. I just won’t be till next Monday. From then on, I will only maybe do them if and when they are in range.

I’m kind of burnt out all the way around as I just barely have the gumption to check for and do the bears and deer on the two event drops in range and I really want that 8th Apex for a full Apex team… for fun. I’ve got 90/300 on that guy so I have a good start. I just burning out from the constant FIP’s and requesting. When I finally get the bear, I’m going to crash.

As most human beings, we are goal oriented, like our ancient ancestor’s who would go days without food till they finally hunted down and took down that Woolly Mammoth and were able to eat and fatten up and rest.


My family plays and we have the same problem. It’s so darn time consuming every single day

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I was only only doing apex raids but after the nerfs I stopped worrying about them. Did just enough to unlock them and thats it. If i could solo them then i would be more involved with them but at las thats not an option.