Apex Raid Creatures Chart

Below is a chart of all the creatures I use on 4 accounts to defeat the Apex raid bosses. I play the 4 accounts by myself as my wife hasn’t played in a good 7-8 months. I use her accounts and have been growing her creatures. I’m also handling our alliance.

For anyone who is looking forward to Apex raids, this will give you an idea what you need to have and about what levels you will need them.
This is for those who do not have any apex creatures as I don’t, this will give you an idea of what you need to grow.

The big staples as you can see are Thor and Tuora. I use 2 Thors on 3 of the raids. Tuora is my healer/speeder on all the raids. So the two Thors and two Tuora’s I have are well boosted. All the others are only boosted as necessary for hit points or damage.

If your just starting Apex raids and you don’t have the big Thor or Tuora, you can do the raids with the smaller utility buffers and debuffers with your higher alliance members and friends. Of course you all have to know what strategy your using as you have to know which move to make at the right time.

I can actually get by with only 11 of the 12 creatures. I have 2 working strategy’s I can use on Haast Maximus.

I’m pretty much just getting started with all the Apex creatures. I should get all these on all 4 accounts around the same time in February if I can keep at it 7 days a week.


nice work i love a good plan :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m in to doing these Apex raids every day so I made a chart projecting when I will be able to unlock the last 7 creatures… till they add more… like there needs to be more.

The yellow is the projected unlocking which most likely won’t happen with the snow season starting the end of this month. I am keeping track if the bosses are in or out of range from home. Out means going for a walk up to 3/4 of a mile round trip. I don’t know if I will drive to get them or how often, depending on the weather, if I want to clear the snow off the car or go driving in the snow to grab them. It’s just that every miss is a week longer to unlock the missed one. And if we get the -20° F a day or two, there is no way I’m going out. I really wish that if we can see them, we can do them would happen and they don’t have to be in the circle.