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Apex raid group anyone?

I’m looking for a group that can run Apexes, specifically Magnus, but I’m down for anyone. I have a boosted Mortem, Tuo, a nearly finished Max, a decent Thor and Gem, a L20 Skoola, and a bulky Irritator. Can usually raid around 3 EST, but that may change in the future. I’ll gladly discuss this in PM’s.


I’m in a discord where we do raids everyday. i can maybe send an invite if you like

shoot, I’m sorry but I don’t use Discord. It’s a personal thing

No problem, Though i can probably still send invites so add me if you like (user is wyvernix #7915) my jwa acct user


This is a sentence

Hey, Wyvernix, could you please invite me to your raid discord, I´m trying to find some grupo to do the raid. My discord is Matheusli84#2096. And my JWA account is Marslee84#4492

Thank you.

Hi Wyvernix, i’m lev 20 player and i’m looking for help in apex raid and a goup on Discord where plan raids. Could you please invite me?
My profile on JWA is : walex #4714
My Discord: walex #6579