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Apex raid group anyone?

I’m looking for a group that can run Apexes, specifically Magnus, but I’m down for anyone. I have a boosted Mortem, Tuo, a nearly finished Max, a decent Thor and Gem, a L20 Skoola, and a bulky Irritator. Can usually raid around 3 EST, but that may change in the future. I’ll gladly discuss this in PM’s.


I’m in a discord where we do raids everyday. i can maybe send an invite if you like

shoot, I’m sorry but I don’t use Discord. It’s a personal thing

No problem, Though i can probably still send invites so add me if you like (user is wyvernix #7915) my jwa acct user


This is a sentence

Hey, Wyvernix, could you please invite me to your raid discord, I´m trying to find some grupo to do the raid. My discord is Matheusli84#2096. And my JWA account is Marslee84#4492

Thank you.

Hi Wyvernix, i’m lev 20 player and i’m looking for help in apex raid and a goup on Discord where plan raids. Could you please invite me?
My profile on JWA is : walex #4714
My Discord: walex #6579

Can you invite me for your discord server

Screenshot_20210604-015549_JW Alive

Here’s my info if anyone can help with any apex raid id greatly appreciate it. Thanks! is the discord server

check out this guy on discord if you are looking to get more action regarding doing raids each day.

@TK14 #5335 Track him down and he will help set you up on the raid discord channels real quick !

ok i ll do, thanks