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Apex Raid Halloween Week


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a whole week (Monday to Friday) where you can get the chance to kill Mortem Rex and Hadros Lux everyday and earn DNA from them once per day?

It would be an awesome Halloween event, good ol’ Morty is the scariest creature and Roaming around Jurassic World Alive these days and Hadros with its ghostly appearance is also kind of scary.

Halloween may be their time to shine.


so like apexes that you can drone-dart for dna?

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No, more like being able to do the Mortem Rex and Hadros Lux Raid from Monday to Friday for one week


The scariest part about this event is coordinating Apex raids 5 days in a row. :see_no_evil:


It’s part of the experience!!

Actually yeah, great idea. And it’s a fair deal, we still HAVE TO beat 'em, which is arguably the hardest task in the game (besides bugs, glitches and surviving those annoying overpowered PTW players that show up in aviary because fyou) haha


You have to earn the lol, if they just gave around 75 free mortem the arena would be toast

how would it work 3 raids bosses in 5 days it wouldnt be equal
so like:
monday: mortem
tuesday: hadros
wednesday: ceramagnus
thursday: hadros
friday: mortem

You will have to do that eventually i’m sure. We’re already facing 3 days in a row.

More ways to get Morten Rex DNA! I’m in! Although I’m going to need a rest after all those raids :sweat_smile: