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Apex Raid Schedule request/ suggestion

Hi everyone.

I have been really struggling to raid the Hydro Boa and the Haast Eagle Apex raids.

After polling my Alliance I found that 60% of us have difficulty being on during the weekend to coordinate and raid the Apex. We simply are too busy and in different time zones.

Therefore most of us simply won’t ever get weekend Apex DNA. Which is unfair.

Furthermore I have noticed more and more level 30 Apex dinos. Being part of the JWA community, Ive seen that we actually can calculate the day we level up, so plan accordingly. It shouldnt be so cookie cutter. With all other dinos, you can’t tell exactly which day you level up.

I think Ludia should randomize the raid schedule instead of the current fixed schedule.

This is for many reasons:

  1. It will help people who work weekends to have a shot at getting Apex DNA that is normally only available on weekends.
  2. It will slow the steady stream of players getting scheduled Apex DNA. They may not be available on the random day the dino is out.
  3. It will keep things interesting and not make it so predictable. It’ll give us something to look for and keep an eye out. Promote logging in.

How about no.

It would be better to have 2 apex raids per day from reset on Monday to reset on Friday. Then a catch up session with all apex raids available from reset on Friday to reset on Monday.

I find it very good that there are raids on weekends with my friends I could never raid when there was only 4 days of raid

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