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Apex Raids Require Too Much Time Outside of the Raids

when apex raids first became available about one year ago, i joined with enthusiasm, but i quickly came to terms with how much time they were going to require. the raids themselves take maybe ten or fifteen minutes, which is already long enough, but the total time required after all of the organizing, after all the switching between apps, after all of the glitches and restarts, after other players flaking out or ghosting, and after all of the superfluous animations can easily take up to or over forty-five minutes.

within two weeks, i wrote apex raids off. i decided that apex creatures were not in the original spirit of the game, since they could not be obtained through exploring and fusing, and was okay with not having them. nine months later, it became obvious that apex creatures were necessary to remain competitive in the arena, so i reluctantly changed my view and began to go for them. for the past eight weeks or so, i have been consistently participating in and succeeding at apex raids — and it is EXHAUSTING!

daily apex raiding within the current system is not fun and, i would even argue, is not healthy, as it is beginning to interfere with other aspects of my life. (operant conditioning and mobile game addiction are very real things and ludia knows this.)

despite my frustrations, i have formed a small group of other players that i have raided with before, which cuts down on organization time, but, even then, apex raids often require more outside planning than is acceptable. just last night, for example, it took me two hours and fifteen minutes to complete two apex raids. the raids themselves took about half an hour. (gorgotrebax is tough!)

worst off all, the organizing is not even taking place within JWA — it’s taking place in third-party apps, like discord, because, within JWA alone, apex raiding would be impossible. driving players to outside platforms could also be considered a safety concern and liability issue, especially for younger players. i’m not sure how any of this serves ludia, since it is not driving time and engagement within their app. (i oftentimes wonder if ludia isn’t just trying to see how much of our behavior they can modify and how many dumb things they can push us to do, at no benefit to anyone.)

the amount of time that is being lost to apex raiding is unacceptable. meeting the in-game skill requirements (having the right creatures evolved and boosted in the right ways) is easy. the true bar for entry in apex raiding is having the patience and the time to dedicate to organization. the entirety of raid organization and communication needs to be moved into JWA. invitations should not take place by player, but instead by creature. raid lobbies and even raids themselves should have a chat feature. above that, two players should not have to be in-game friends to raid together.

let’s do some quick math: to bring an apex creature to level 30 requires 1000 DNA. at best, that’s between 40 and 67 raids per creature. at between thirty minutes and sixty minutes per raid, that’s between 20 hours and 67 hours per apex creature times (now) seven apex creatures. on average, each creature requires a full work week worth of raiding. think of the opportunity cost. they might as well sell apex creatures for $50-100 each, which is what i expect they’ll begin to do as the retire them from the map. that’s between 140 hours and 469 hours total — between 5.8 and 19.5 FULL DAYS spent raiding and maybe 70-80% of it is spend organizing. EVERYONE must go through this barrier. there is no way to pay your way around it.

how is apex raiding, in its current state, fun or healthy?


Well I did not read through that novel of a comment but I agree with the title. They do take too much time. :slight_smile:


Agreed, way to much time. IT would be better for higher level players if they could raid by themselves using teams from their own rooster.

True you could not use two of the same dino, but then at least you would be able to get the Alpha, plus then if someone does want to help with raids, or you don’t have a dino you need for said raid, you can ask others to join. Thus making raiding a single or group set up.


I might also add for myself, raiding is hard, as most of my team is up and raiding while i am at work, and by the time i get off, most people are getting off or heading to bed.

I love this post! :heart:

I have never raid more then 2 weeks in winter.
I hate it.

I’m very happy to see that more players understand how much effort it takes.

My problem is that Ludia is not reliable, and I don’t want to spend any effort on things or dinos that could be demolished next update.

I would raid if it was solo and took Max 10 min.

It should not be easy as it is now, it should be prestige to get APEX. Not just click same buttons week after week. Would love to see something similar as it was playing APRIL FOOL.

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Thanks for pointing all of this out. While I do find the raids fun, this post serves as a stark reminder to many that obtaining the apex DNA each week is not to be taken for granted and is indeed not as “fast, easy and effortless” as many espouse here on the forums.

Unlocking and leveling these creatures takes real effort, as they take the longest to level and unlock and the dinosaur requirements are the highest in the game, in that reliable strats require maxxed uniques. Completing 7 apex raids a week will indeed require a lot of dedication. This is why apexes are among the endgame creatures and deserve to be strong.


I just wish they would shorten the raid animations already which would be an easy fix, and such a QOL. So tired of looking a dead dinosaurs for the longest time (is Ludia expecting us to do an autopsy to make sure they are really dead???). Just that would already be a huge improvement, and it has been asked since the start of the raids…


Apex DNA should be hard to get, not easy but time consuming
it should be rewarded to the most skillful players, not rewarded by whoever is willing to spend hours and hours trying to get a team of people raiding
for such a rarity with multiple colours it shouldnt be a kind of creature where as long as you work hard enough you get it. only the best players should deserve a creature of a different rarity. If it is the rarest creatures why is almost everyone able to unlock it? Back to raids they take too much time off our lives, it takes so much effort to get someone to join you let alone making sure the moves go according to plan, once you’ve missed the early train (when asian players share their bosses) you’re doomed to waste 3+ hours for a single apex raid boss, especially if its mortem/gorgo. Because others have already done it and no one is willing to dedicate another few hours to help you. Its nothing about being skillful, its all about having so much free time and being lucky to have it spawn next to you


I hope some of the players who claim that getting Apex dinos is easy and only takes 10 minutes a week are reading that post.

The op is quite right, it can be a painfully arduous process to get the right team at the right time and the effort put in for 15 dna in a week is often something hard to fathom, but week after week, month after month so many of us carry on regardless.

So let’s not forget the cold hard facts involved in creating and levelling the apex, and leave them be because the talk of how they need to be nerfed is lost on me.


Fully understand the creator of the initial post.

While apex raids really are laughably easy for how broken the apexes are once unlocked, they have been implemented very very poorly.

The actual effort in a raid is limited to pushing some buttons. Everything else is pure time waste.

I mean, when im doing a raid I already know that we easily will make it. Everybody knows the stats and strategy. Nothing that can go wrong.
BUT: The performance is just terrible. Endless animations, loading times, people loosing connection.

It just feels like a pure time waste. Still we are forced to do it as you simply need apexes in the team.


He just said they take 15 minutes a week. They take take less time commitment than dbi

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15 minutes per apex per week. And that’s on the quick end for jsut fighting the boss.

And invite issues add to the total time


Maybe per apex if you’re lucky and not participating in a carry strat, otherwise it can take much longer than that. Certainly not 15 for the entire week.

15 minutes and that’s only for one Apex raid per day. Now, if you want to do the other ones, some can easily take pretty much as long, Legendary or Unique. So eventually, it will be like our wonderful dino collection. Currently they keep adding new dinos, yet, 95% are not being used at all. Well, with raids, they keep adding them, but eventually, most players will only do one or two in a day because they take soooooo long to get the player together, than watch dead dinos animations (or lack of, since they are dead, but you get to look at them for 20 seconds anyway)

Second post for me here.

But i just spend an hour trying to get a raid going. That is an hour trying to do something, and it fell through.

It would be really nice if we could do the raids ourselves, supply all four dinos, then while you might be behind on say the healing dino, or Dio.

At least you know you can start doing them because you team does not drop off without reason. Or only raids while you are at work.

i like this idea. apex creatures would be locked behind a challenge and could only be unlocked once a player has advanced a team far enough to solo it, like with a strike tower, except that the tower would be ever-present and there would be no cost for failure.

All the big players could do them alone, which means it would be way much harder for anybody who doesn’t have all the big dinos to find somebody… If it’s hard to find 4 players now, imagine if all the big dinos are no longer available. Nobody who can do it on it’s own, would want to go through the problems of actually starting a raid.

Yikes, I highly suggest you stop working on ANY dinos, not just the Apexes, because Ludia love to do that every updates, on many dinos, and it’s pretty much random. Quite a few of us cannot understand some of the dinos they have scrapped in the past for absolutely no reason. Even some Rares and Epic that nobody ever complained about.

Actually, this gives me an idea, what if you could premove in raids like you do Chess? Just a thought

The group option allows for friends, or for a allience to help newer players to push forward. You could prove three dinos yourself while having the third provided by someone that has something you don’t

Say second thor, mortem or gemini

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