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Apex Raids Require Too Much Time Outside of the Raids

I think being able to supply all of the creatures would be a decent plan. Same strategies, but without any of the hassle of organizing.

Obviously you could invite others, but this could open up the potential for two or three-person raids without being a couple of creatures short.

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I really like the idea of one person being able to bring multiple creatures to a raid. It would make it easier to find complete teams in “off” times of day. I think people would still help others, too; I know lots of people (including me!) who keep raiding after they already have their DNA just to help out friends and alliance members.

I agree, in my case i can supply everything but the healers currently. So i would still need help, but if we could each supply say two or three dinos, it would make those whose alliences are in vastly different times zones, have a much easier time raiding.

I’m against it, even if I could likely do 95% of the raids by myself, but this would put in evidence, another big problem with the raids. Actually, quite often, it’s easier for us to get 4 players to do the raid, than finding the fifth one who has the boss… Every day, there’s at least one of them that is rare to the point that it’s almost as if only 2 players in the whole alliance have that particular boss. So, if that would ever happen, I think the next complaint we would hear all day is: “This is sooooo bad. I can always do the raid all by myself, but I never have the boss”…

Bosses are rarely that far away, even for me in a small town.

But to counter the arguement, i am part of a decent allience that can do the raid, problem is our time zones are so different it is hard to get together to set up a raid affectively

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Unfortunately, OP, I’m not entirely sure what can be done about it… Solo raids maybe? That would actually work out okay, I think, because there are trade-offs: on the upside, you don’t need to coordinate with other players at all, but on the downside, you actually gotta have all the dinos.

I think it’d be nice if raids were accessed through a menu, too, rather than found on the map. It’s cool to see the raid dinos walking around, but honestly, there have been several times that my group has had to delay a raid & reconvene later in the day because none of us had the desired raid within range. The raids blocking spawns & drops can be annoying, too, so I wouldn’t mind if they left the map & instead sat in a little raid page :slight_smile:

I’m mostly worrying about low level players who may have only one dino (or even two) to make the raid and have a much harder time finding the extra players they need. I’ll play whatever Ludia throw at us. :slight_smile: And when you say they are often not far away, it’s not always fun to go get one when it’s -30C outside, or it’s pouring rain…

Suggested that as well when raid came out. TRULY hope they will adopt this solution soon. Now we’re talking!

That is an issue, but it also means you can set times much easier with two poeple. I can prove most of the dinos outside a healer, which i am working on.

I think if we could provide more than one, it could almost mean we could help newer players, buy helping them with some of the more jank raids, like the level 10 lion raids against mortem, where they only need level 10, but the other players provide the bulk of the power with thier own team.

Plus on the flip side, for those who want to solo it, they could spend more time finding better strats that could then be shared, making raids even easier over all.

That is truly a very good point! But on the other side, this mean that if you have 10 players that want to do it and they arrive at different time, you have to do the raid 10 times *I can fill pretty much any other 3 spots by myself) While in our alliance, we gave ourselves 3 main times during the day (2 two hours period, and 1 one hour period). So most players who want to raid now try to show up during one of those 3 “peak” period. Sure enough, anybody can show up anytime and we still try to help them. But by simply picking what sounded like the best time slot for everybody, we rarely have to help only one single player. In fact quite often, 2, 3 or sometime 4 players who didn’t do it yet will often show up at the same time. Once again though, I agree that it would be a nice option and I would live with it. I’m just worrying that less top players may not be as available if they can do it alone. Maybe I’m wondering if I could even be one of them :slight_smile:

IT is hard to say what would happen. As even with discord, some of our allience cannot meet up, due to drop outs, work and other such things.

For me, all the raids are happening while i am asleep or at work. So a solo raid option would be nice, but as i know what it feels like to be put to the side, if only because of time zones, i would be more willing to help others.

So we might see a little bit of both, some top players playing by themselves, to avoid the annoyances, others reaching out to help friends, and even other alliances to being their alpha jounrey.

I have one friend who heads an alliance who is not ready for raids, but so is no one in the allience. IF i could help them, then i could give them and the alliance the boosts it needs to push forward into the harder raids.


I have wanted Solo Raids for a long time, and I don’t mean the rares or epics, just the Apexes. I am far from an end-gamer but I can easily solo any of them. I would much prefer to get my win out of the way before helping everyone else… and I DO help everyone.


Not sure why? I usually do about 8 apex raids every day. So if I would follow your idea, I would end up doing 9? Even when doing a raid alone, it’s still an extra 15 minutes for most of them.

It also makes adding more raids easier, because of less visual clutter & hunting for the right raid.

Honestly, if Ludia shifted toward a system where you could supply multiple dinos, adding more raids, even for Apexes, on a given day because so much less of a hassle. I love raiding with my team, but it does take a lot of time & coordination. Doing two Apex raids in a single day would be rough, but if we were able to tag-team them in duos so I only had to coordinate with one person, it’d be much more efficient and doable.

Totally agree with original post point that Apex raid takes way too long. 20 mins just waiting to do moves that we can almost do in our sleep is ridiculous. Would love to be able to skip all the animation stuff.

It would be great if all 4 raiders could decide to just skip immediately to result of the moves that they just choose and skip all the current battle animation stuff.

It would be so fast to just - - pick move, skip to result, pick move, skip to result, until the boss is down. Once you know the strategy then you don’t need to watch what happens between move pick and its result. It’s just a massive waste of time after you’ve done the same moves week after week.


I’ve been saying more or less the same thing for ages. It’s a nightmare trying to get a raid going. Friends list bug, invites bug, trying to get together the right team etc. We need Ludia to smooth out the raid process or at least let us raid with bots on the team.

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I like the Mortem raid. It’s short and a check to see if your dinos are good enough. I think this was a good baseline for a raid.

Lux is 4 rounds of trying to stay awake. It’s not hard and almost anyone can do it.

Gorgo is pretty bad too. You find out R3 T3 if you’re going to win. 15-20minutes is a long time to try again if something goes wrong.

You need a good alliance and Discord to do raids. Why there is no in game raid chat system is beyond me.


I’m all for the idea of us getting the opportunities to complete Raids ourselves i.e. we have the option to select 4 of our own creatures instead of having to wait for others to be available (at the mercy of others).

Many times I have missed Apex Raids because I didn’t get enough members online at the same time. This is despite the fact that I have all the required creatures for Apex Raids at L30 and appropriately boosted…

Anyhows, even after completing Raids, I have never been reluctant to assist others for the same. At least for us the long-time players we have the ‘advantage’ of completing Raids without having to wait for others.

Happy :cake: day.