Apex royale

A battle between all the apex

gorgotrebax kill deer.(or cornibus in other words) mortem wants the deer. magnus sees mortem and does not want him in his home. lux comes glowing and raging Magnus tries to hit mortem, but instead hits lux lux whaps magnus in the tail. (magnus has armor) magnus: u cant hit me nanana boo boo. Mortem comes and bites magnus but magnus hits mortem with horn breaking the death rexy kings leg. Trebax keeps eating deer. trebax: what i just wanna eat it dont mind me. xd. Lux breaks the top horn of magnus. Magnus keeps running and calls his minions koolaid and gaia. Which do damage to lux but die. bu magnus comes and pushes lux off cliff. But at bottem lux lands in water and survives. but then trebx bites magnus leg and does not let go. ( not sure if trebax raptor or gorgonops. Magnus comes down to wounding leg. ( magnus immune to bleed lol!?plz correct me) magnus runs away with his fluffy cute feathery cheeks. oh he is so cute!! Trebax winner!!! we all know mortem weakness is distraction which trebax has alot of. Mortem kill nothing cuase its the worst apex of course! lux second worst, and magnus easy beat lux. No im not sure how strong trebax is so i guess we will have to wait…

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