Apex Special Offer Incubator


Special Incubators. I spend real money on this game. I make less than 30k a year so that means I’m having a blast with my dino boys. I am frustrated though. I bought the apex premium incubator twice (huge mistake). When I opened the first one about 80% percent of the DNA was “meh”. So I thought ok, surely that was a fluke. So I tried again and it was even worse. It was frustrating because i wouldn’t call any of the DNA i got “apex”. I love this game so much and I am just so bummed right now. :sob::sob: anybody else feel robbed? I wouldn’t mind so much as long as there was some good DNA in there too. It didn’t feel like a 7000 cash incubator. Those two incubators were equivalent to $100. Im sure it was a fluke but still … such a bunmer…

Do not buy the Apex Predatory Box - DNA is minimum

I feel the same way, I bought one to hope to upgrade my Trex and so close to create my Indo. Sadly I got alot of useless DNA myself on dinos I already have and don’t use. Not very happy with the purchase. Spent all my cash for this :frowning: 7000 is alot of cash for that. Not worth it at all. Not doing that again. Love the game and team has done alot of great things for the game but special incubators like this don’t pay out its value paid.


What dinos did u get dna for? I was looking at this earlier, but I may have to pass hearing this


Often The problem when you gamle. Dissatisfaction when you dont get what you want, Really satisfaction when you get what you desire :blush:


The last time the Apex predator incubator was available I got one and it did contain 118 trex dna. But the rest of the epic dna was concavonator and everything else in the incubator was “Meh”.


Its not even so much that I didn’t get what I wanted… I just thought it should give me better dino boys than the purussasaur gen 2.


I agree. The value isn’t worth for DNA like purussasaur gen 2 which I got a TON of. On the first one i got enough Spinosaurus gen 2 to level the one I had but still… This would have been great as a regular premium incubator but it’s definitely not a good “apex” incubator. The 2nd incubator was worse. I got some ok DNA but it fell flat for what they marketed it as. I still love the game too and will continue to play buy I won’t but any more incubators unless its guaranteed specific dinos. The risk isn’t worth the cash.


I just feel if it pictures a certain dino it should give you some DNA especially if it’s not available often and your paying alot of bucks for it. Probably would have been better of buying reg epic incubators.


I Agree. Oh well, lesson learned. I’ll save my cash for coins and battle Incubators.


They could really need to give the player options when opening incubators. An example:
You get 500 common dna: you get to choose between ‘Irrator gen 2’ or ‘veliciraptor’. Maybe a third option ‘Random’ if you don’t want any of those 2 and get 500 dna of any other common dino.

That way the gambling aspect is still there, but you could affect what you get in some way. I think thia would lead to more players buying incubators for real money and more satisfied players!


I’m debt free, bro. Everything I own is paid for. A simple life is easy to maintain. Especially when you live in a small town. 30 k here is equivalent to 60k in Jersey.


Well that’s good on you. I mean I just don’t see how people can justify dumping that much money into a game for nothing. Incubators are the same as Loot-Boxes. It’s a total gamble and in the end just like Las Vegas they’re getting the better deal. You’re getting a computer pixel. They’re getting stock and currency.


And some people are ok with that. To each their own. You’re right tho, if people cant afford it they should use caution.


Since when is paying for entertainment “nothing”? The money used in these purchases keep the game interesting for all which includes both F2P and paying players. So I would not call it nothing. Much like many other mobile games JWA offers à la carte premium content which is similar to what HBO is to cable. So some players choose to enhance their entertainment through virtual items and others may choose things like junk food or movie tickets. Just a suggestion, instead being so judgie, be thankful someone is spending their hard earned cash to help fund this game and make it more enjoyable. After all people in the gaming industry don’t work for free.


most incubators are garbage. a bunch of gen 2 commons, rares that don’t go into hybrids and hit and miss with the epics.


It’s almost like it knows what you don’t need and gives you lots more! Same deal with dinosaurs spawning around me the majority of them are for dinosaurs I have tons of DNA for! Like the song says “You can’t always get what you want” except you don’t get what you need either :joy::joy:


yup. for sure. if you have thousands of rares for one dino, it’s a good bet that those are the rares you’re going to get out of an incubator.


Just got absolutely unkool 700+ epic apex predatory earthworm (koola) DNA for 8.4k $ and that’s it for me with the lootboxes. This is nothing but ridiculous once you already got most of them unlocked.


I don’t mind so much if I can use the DNA to make other dinos but this apex one was not cool. The marketing on this one was way off…


Welcome to the game, sadly been there and made the mistake you did my friend. Learn from it and never spend a penny more on this alpha greed of a game. You prob need to open 5 incubators to get what you want… Do yourself a favour and book a holiday instead :slight_smile: