Apex Stegosaur - Spicatas Ignis

Specialty: Group deceleration, vulnerable, dot, shields, dodge removal, counter attacker.



  • OP
  • Needs a slight nerf
  • Balanced
  • Needs a slight buff
  • Underpowered

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Is it better for arena or raids?

  • Raids
  • Arena

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Would you like to see an apex stegosaurid?

  • Yes
  • No

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While I would love an apex stegosaur, I would say tone this guy down a bit. Maybe rework thago, as that move is kinda busted. Maybe take the stun immunity away. But its fine after that.

For Thag, maybe remove the Vulnerability? It’s not supposed to do that. That’s a club tail thing, not a spike. Also maybe a different counter than just Medium? It’s an apex, maybe Armor Piercing to represent more of the Fierce aspect? It’s good though other than than

The fierce mainly came from thag’s dot, but the vuln could be removed to be fair. A spike isn’t as likely to break your bones as a tail club

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Exactly. Thagomizer was intended to cause the target massive bleed and critical damage. The tail club had less overall damage to critical areas, but made the target much weaker after attacking the target. So bleed is fine, just not vulnerability. It don’t really make sense on a thagomizer. But if there is an Ankylosaur Apex, it could have Bone Break: Inflict Vulnerability for 2 turns, 2 attacks. Decrease speed 50%. Attack 1.5x.

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