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Apex Tournament(s)?

Since it seems Ludia is running low on Uniques for Tournaments (and I am not sure if they will repeat the previous cycle after Monolorhino), I think it would be cool to have the opportunity to get Apex DNA from the Tournament after the rhino, the amount of DNA rewarded would OBVIOUSLY be a lower amount than what we get from Unique Tournaments, but I think this idea would be a good way for players to get a little Kick-start on getting Apex DNA as it is pretty difficult to get. (You would have to reach the Gold incubator in the Tournament in order to get enough to unlock an Apex)

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Maybe they could do more unique tourneys, not just exclusive creature ones, and include some bits of apex dna in the rewards. idk how much but not enough to unlock it of course. Idk if this would work or not but its just an idea, just to include some apex dna in the reg tourney rewards


That is a pretty good idea, maybe the amount you would get could be the same as winning an Apex raid? (After the 2.0 bug of course. Lol)

I mean idk, i’d just stick with the old system

Theres still a plenty of execlusive component legendarys that need uniques and it’a wierd the data mine does not reavel a championship for a unique or a new unique at all.

Judging by what we recently had in events my guess is that next uniques are for porky and alloraptor

Another option would be swaping execluvies, i mean maybe making existing creatures(especialy the ones which were execlusive and have realy powerfull somewhat easy to make uniques, bary g2, irri, mammoth), execlusive wouldn’t be too bad (tho that in my opinion gives way too much of an advantage to anyone whos played when the creature was not execlusvie) . But swaping execlusives like tenonto, diplo, rhino and brachi would be a disaster honestly.

Not only is it like saying, “oh see all the FIPS, events u were exited for, the championship u grinded in, well it’s
all worthless now”. But it would mean that powerfull execlusive creatures (gem in particialr), would just flod the arena, and right now stuff like tenrex, mrhino and gem are fairly managable, they’re all powerfull but they’re mostly slightly lower lvl (and by the time they reach an eqaul lvl to the enemy they problably learnt how to counter them), but if there components weren’t execlusive they could problably even out lvl their competition, and would most likey need nerfs.

Yeah i know i went realy off topic to why i just think execlusivity changing is bad but onto the actaul apex rewards.

Maybe if they had non execlusive component unique championship and instead had a lil bit of extra apex dna as additional rewards, or maybe quite a bit extra of that unique or idk

Theres problably one big flaw in the apex scenario i haven’t realised yet tho

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I would suspect 2.6 would come before the end of this championship, and most likely 2.6 would come with an exclusive unique which is probably the unique they would use for next championship.

You cannot say something like that anymore because we all translate it into: “I know that” That being said, no matter what, it simply make a ton of sense!


honestly if apex torunaments were a thing, my question would be why bother?
you don’t get enough to make it reaching rank 8 (9?) or enough to level it up 1-2 times at max rank, then why would people try super hard. The rewards would be pretty pitiful to say the least. and you cant really say max rank is 290 dna now can you? that would be a slap in the face there. it would be a much lower amount at max rank. and not to mention lowering as the reward tiers lower and based on player level. It wouldn’t be fun or worth wile for a lot of players since you couldn’t even make it if you reached max championship rank compared to getting a unique at say rank 8. So it just kinda sits there being useless dna and a waste of time until you can get a group together to beat the apex bosses. i wouldn’t bother at all with it really.

The idea of it is supposed to be a Kick-start for players wanting Apex DNA, they would have to fight the actual raid bosses to get the rest after a Tournament.

Problem with this is this would defeat the purpose of what the advantage tourneys give (goes by non-exclusive dna as the 1st tourney and the exclusive dna on the 2nd tourney), when there is only 1 thing’s dna being obtained. plus, all 4 are raid exclusive, though who knows what Ludia can/will do lol

No way just NOOOOO WAYYYYY apex tournaments would be a nightmare idea because everybody will apex dna like 10,000 dna @GhastBusters this idea is way to like unfair

Didn’t they literaly say it would give just enough dna to have a good start with an apex and not to actualy unlock it?


If there are apex tournaments pvp would be a nightmare lower lvl players would get rekt while higher lvl player would have all the funs