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[ApexPredators] FDL ( Friendly Draft League) Season 2 has begun

We started FDL Season 2 within our alliance. This time, it’s TEAM DRAFT, with a twist (authored by @quakeur). We divided 8 players to 2 groups ( Team A/ Team B) and did draft pick as a group .

First phase of our draft was to BAN 6 dinosaurs, followed by selecting total of 32 dinosaurs for each team.

Second phase was team building where each group had to assign the selected creatures to 4 players (8 each).

Last phase is the battle phase . As of now, we decided to battle all opponents, total of 4 matches each, best of 5. The group with most wins will take home the crown.


Love this!

I think we’ll need a more detailed explanation of rules though =)

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We will, in our FDL discord channel. :grinning: you can ask away, and I’ll be happy to answer here too.


It is a lot more fun than the arena now… let’s do the FDL instead! (just get your DBI tho jic). Interested Alliances let us know. @Legomin1314 @Idgt902 @practicekat @quakeur @Marktheshark

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Amazing! Would like to know more,
We have our second alliance tournament coming up…

How do you pick the 6 banned dinos

And if I’m understanding right. Each 4 person team selects 32 dinos total and then each person on the team drafts 8 dinos each from that selected pool?

Each team take turns to select which dino to ban… total of 6. The draft pick proper follows the snake ladder style, for 2 groups only though. All members doesn’t have to be present during the draft pick. A representative is enough as long as he/she speaks for the whole group.

In team building, 32 selected dinos will be divided equally for 4 players (8 each) . It is here where the group has to smartly distribute them, depending also on the players preference / or dino availability .

Ahhh ok so the draft is for the 32 dinos. Then u can ante them onto teams however u want. Got it.

Pretty much the teams go back and forth crossing off the Tyrant Dinos. 7 are listed as Tyrants so it leaves 1 for the team who picks first. Diloracherius was left in our pool… and our side didn’t get to pick first. Booo

Not to be that guy but as I can’t scrape a team together when will yall be running a singles mixer tourney?

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Absolutely! Singles! Any other singles player- please let us know your interest here & we’ll add you to the “singles mixer” alliance for the FDL. Everyone is welcome! The more the merrier! Try it out- it is a blast.

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Im down for that…

For more details on the different steps, this graphic got all covered :slightly_smiling_face:


We do have room for a few more single players. Please DM me if interested.

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