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ApexPredators Recruiting


At this time, ApexPredators is looking for a handful of new recruits that would fall under the high level competitive side of play, such as top 150, 200 players in the leaderboard. We have a strong anti-spoofing/cheating policy where if you are found guilty you will be dismissed

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to @Legomin1314, @Idgt902 or myself and we’d love to collaborate


i see you calling, has there been a recent culling?


Not exactly, we just wanna open the opportunity for dedicated folks to join a great squad :slight_smile:


It just for high player hmm


Come on daring people. Join the pack.


Great alliance, free bump!

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Strong anti spoofing / cheating policy? How would you know if they were?


Have you guys and gals changed your alliance name now? because the players I used to see in Apex are now in one called TyrantPredators…


I don’t think this seems right? Your alliance doesn’t have a space?


If you guys are recruiting I’m a free agent. I’ll take 1,000,000 coins and 10000 hard cash for a sugning bonus…:wink:


will you be sugning them all?

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They changed to tyrant predators because the top tier is now called tyrant on metahub website. Their alliance fills out the majority of the top 10 if u want to see it


Think its funny that someone changed their name to apex predators tho lmao. Nice try. Nobody sees you in the leaderbaord so good luck with that lol


lol…something like that


When alliances first started I was searching for one to join and I noticed apexpredators and by accidently putting a space in apex predators came up, they’ve been around awhile.


We are currently called Tyrant Predators. In response to metahub comment in their new tier list.


Yeah but we switched back


That we have.


now this is much more organic.