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Apologies, But I’m The Best Player


The King. Ranked 199th. Never used the rat. Only have 2 Uniques.




I don’t play the Jurassic game. But I want to say that the funniest topic I’ve seen in a long time.

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I’m 14th and never used the rat :man_shrugging:


Not bad. But with 6 Uniques, you can be my Court Jester.

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I actually have 13 unqiues😅


Too many as I have just 7. You can keep your position but your title is now officially The Royal Fool.

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Incredible? :slight_smile:


The truth is that it has a lot of merit but I got to position 136 10 days ago without Tryko, without Draco and with 3 legendaries in the team :slight_smile:

In any case, for me the greatest merit is that of an alliance partner who is in the Top 200 without being a VIP and without having spent a single euro in the game. It is another of the, like me (that I am VIP and I have spent money) is considering leaving the game after the new version.

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That is awesome!!

We are like the Yin and Yang of the JWA world!

I have never been ranked, never even been above 5000 trophies, have two Unique AND I have Apato on my team!

Small world, ain’t it.


congrats. thats a fun team you got there. questions is, what to do after the patch :thinking:


mimus got chopped 600 hp but gained swap in dodge. rinex got chopped 600 hp but gained rampage and run. tator got chopped 120 hp. utah gained 70 dmg. indoraptor and ornitho and mimus have a huge target on their back now. shields are almost irrelevant now with the new moves(we’ll see)

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Bruh, I use Lythronax and I’m at Sorna Marshes, get on my level


How are you not ranked if you use Apato? That thing is OP!


Cool story bro


My record of rat vs. get ratted: 0-24678


What will I do when 1.7 arrives? I’ll adapt of course. I have a L29 Megalo and L27 Trago that should fit nicely.

Maybe there is a place for my Apatosaurus. Currently L21 with 195,000 DNA. Run it up to L28, give it some Attack boosts, hmmmmmmm

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