Apologies to Kong2192

My chicken dodged like 10 times. Sorry about that, you had a better all around team and deserved to win.


And you should too! Hate monomimus. I had one which dodged me 8 consecutive turns last week.

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Mine has a mind of its own. It’ll work whenever it feels like it but mostly not.

I have Monomimus L19 and Monostegotops L18; I like Monomimus but I don’t like its evasive move as I hate RNG based moves in general (and isn’t there a text change which would indicate the success rate is being dropped to 50%?). Currently using the Mono DNA to level up Monostegotops.

@PQC, I also hate RNG moves, hence the apology, but my lineup was horrible and my opponent introduced a level 25 Stegodeus, which I had no way of countering. Chicken was the only viable option, but, realistically, it over performed… Having said that, I love Monomimus so will be using all my Monolophosaurus DNA to level her, rather than create Monostegotops…

So what is the official mono dodge percentage: 50% or 75%? With all these text errors and glitches/bugs in the game, one has no idea anymore what is correct.

I want to keep Monostego on my team but she was falling behind; already got her from L17 to L18 and will keep going until she is L20; will then switch focus back to Monomimus. I agree RNG moves are a necessary evil when there is no other option available. My pet hate is people who start with them - had one this morning … I-Rex, cloak; Monomimus, evasive; Indoraptor, evasive - for god’s sake at least try another move first :roll_eyes: And this was against my Monostego which just kept nullifying …

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Overall, closer to 50%, I think… Depending on RNG mood, you sometimes come near 100%, other times you never get to dodge at all…

Last night, I had an opponent with a level 23 Monomimus that decimated my whole team of Stegodeus, Indoraptor and Indominus Rex just by evading continuously and criting! None of mine dodged.

A couple battles earlier, same thing. Had a lvl 19 Monomimus dodged my Stegodeus completely! When it was time to reverse the roles, my freaking Monomimus got hit twice in the row!

Can you hear me sccrrrrrream!!! :angry:

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I think they temporarily nerfed stegod by buffing chance to dodge against stegod and increasing crit against it. Just superstition but what I see in battle seems parallel

Unfortunately you can’t submit strongly worded posts in opposition of the money grabbing powers that be. They’re incapable of compensating you for their glitches but have no problem figuring out how to punish those who cheat(avoid paying $ to win). I was not one of the cheaters. I wonder if this post will be hidden too!

Don’t expect to have a good line up if your above the medal level they allow for the dinos you’ve built up. You have to exceed a certain spending limit to increase them or wait until it makes no sense to keep playing. Ever notice how you can’t lose until you reach a certain medal count, then when you peak, you can’t win. Notice how you get out matched by much higher players all of a sudden and they have top level dinos and you get a pigeon, a toad, a squirrel and a gecko to battle them with? The four worst in your line up? It’s a marketing scam to frustrate you and get you to spend. Look up the $ they’ve brought in so far.

Ever lose a match after only losing one or two dinos? Did they compensate you? How many drops/arenas/dinos do you miss because it says I’m a passenger excessively redundantly while traveling? Ever comped? Ever touch the screen a dozen times and miss somehow? Experience frequent connectivity loss? Ever travel on foot for 30 minutes to hit a drop and you get nothing but darts after 4 drops? Or walk 30 minutes to get to a Dino and it mysteriously disappears right when you get in range? Experience a lack of epics or only see the same ones over and over?

There’s a ton of glitches that can be worked on but the only thing they resolved was the one that cut into their wallet. The spoofing!
Nothing else changed.


I was in two minds about this for ages when I had lots of monolophosaurus dna… but I just levelled then both to 21 because I feel like if I don’t continue with monostego I’ve wasted all that dna.

Been splitting between monostego and monomim but favoring the latter