App causes mobile data to disconnect


Ever since installing the game I have had the problem of my mobile data faulting out making me have to either close the game or restart my phone to get it back. Only happens with this app. Getting to the point where the game is not worth having to deal with the excessive amount of problems it has.


Really never happened with me…


Hey Joe_Carter, I’m not really sure why that might happen, does this issue occur when you’re playing the game on a WiFi connection as well? It could be possible that your device has some sort of data saving restrictions that could turn off or restart your mobile data if it senses that you’re using too much data. Feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key, and they might be able to provide further troubleshooting.


Only on mobile data not on Wi-Fi and I’ve checked all settings and everything, there’s no data saver enabled. And that wouldn’t explain why it only happens when this specific app is open. Any other apps I have work fine without this problem. I don’t have a problem sending this to support but after my experiences with past issues I don’t expect that anything will be done about it. Nothing was about anything else.