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App Crashing During Opening (iOs)

Why won’t it work image

This sucks what are we supposed to do just wait

Same. This sucks.

It just started happening to me yes I have an iPhone please help what are we suppose to do?!?

I’m sadimage

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Yep. Immediately crashes. :unamused:

Why won’t it work

@E.D @Ned @Sara @moderators

Fix it fix it fix it.

I’m thinking it was a Bug in the new update

@Christopher_M83 - my main is messed up (iphoneX), my alt is OK (iPad)

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Yep, having the same issue as well, but it only just started.

Just about to report this. Crash right on title screen

I’m using the iPad Pro 7th gen And it is still not working

I need it please I love the game fix it please

This is probably an apple thing not a ludia thing

Probably so yeah

Ok after deleting restarting phone and reinstalling same. Came here to check if I was just my account. Must be gamecenter

Same here. iOS.

Can we get 600 HC for the inconvenience. I hear that is the typical repayment these days.