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App crashing on open

It seems y’all have a big problem as multiple users on iOs report the app crashing on open.
Yes, I’ve rebooted my device and followed all the other suggestions you list
But I have noticed it’s not just this game but other ludia games as well
So is someone at least looking into the problem?

It looks like their servers may have gone down, none of their games appear to be working.

I was JUST about to report this as well. I have both Titan Uprising and Rise of Berk. Tried resetting my phone, nope. Tried deleting and reinstalling both apps, nope. Thought it was something that was wrong with my phone, but I tried two other games, DragonVale by DECA, and Webkinz, and they both worked flawlessly. I’m assuming their servers are down or something, and I’m hoping that’s the case. At first I thought I had got banned or something for no reason, and it wasn’t letting me open the app. I’m also an iOS user. Better get on this, Ludia •_•

People have reported other games having problems like pokemongo, i think it’s iOS related and not really Ludia’s fault this time.

Working fine on android.

That definitely could be the case. If you android users aren’t having any issues at all, it very well could be something with Apple rather than Ludia/Niantic in Pokémon GO’s case.

i am on android and not having any problems