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App doesn’t start on IOS after 1.7

After the 1.7 update the game is stuck on this screen, no text or anything.

I’ve tried to reinstall it (2 ways), reset the phone, but nothing helped.

Based on facebook comments more hungarian people (i’m hungarian too) have the exact same issue, so it seems like a local problem, however i can not be sure about that.

Has anyone seen this kinda problem before and have a possible solution for it?


stop complaining because you can play and anyone who has Android still can not! then happy and thank you for being able to play

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But he can’t play. Same as us.

Lol please use some sort of translater before responding to a topic. I CAN NOT play, thats what the topic is about…


not! everyone who has Android can not play and is already being neglected this

Omg… ok, please just leave my topic alone. Thanks!

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Alright 10 characters

U wot m8? U avin a giggle?

Hey Akos_Ferencz, could you try changing the time zone setting on your device to either New York or Toronto and then relaunch the game? If you’re still having issues after doing that, contact our support team here at with your support key and our team can investigate further. Thanks!

Sajnos sehol sem jobb a helyzet. Android egyáltalán nem megy, IOS esetében is legtöbbeknek vagy be sem lép vagy belép, de kidobálja az embert. Hátha reggelre lesz valami előrelépés.

(Sadly the same problem for most Android and some IOS users - can’t get in the game, or can’t do anything even if you get in :S; Maybe tomorrow we will see the light but today I am a sad person :smiley: )

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Unfortunately changing the timezones did not help, gonna contact support.

Thank you for trying to help!

Yet again after an update my app just keeps turning off randomly!! Why is this?

Yep …it keeps on crashing for me too like every 4-5 minutes

same problem and I’m from NY😔


Ive got the same problem …

Hungary unite :no_mouth: same problem and I am getting mad

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Same problem here. I’m from Hungary too!


Ludia !!! Don’t mess with a (dino) hungry hungarian :smiley: Seriously when will this issue get fixed? or at least give us some info on what is going on