App force restarting entire phone

Hi all,

So I’ve had this problem for a while now, since before the latest big update. The app just restarts my entire phone. I have a Samsung j3 and so does my partner and this is happening to both of us.

There is no exact moment it happens, sometimes it happens before the app loads or when I try open the app. Other times it can happen when I try dart a dino or I finish darting, I’m in a battle or the battle ends, open the lab or try do anything in the lab. Basicly if I try do anything with the game.

That’s not to say I can’t play, it seems to go through stages of being fine then it resets and other times it just crashes the phone continuously.

My partner believes it may be a issue with the software for Samsung as it is affecting other games they play but I thought I’d ask on here for some advice.

I have tried deleting the app and reinstall, changing my location permissions to only JWA, a hard reset of my phone, no apps running in the background. Nothing helps.

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.

Hello, @Thew, I’m very sorry to hear that this has been happening to your device since the update. Although I’m not sure what might be causing it, our support team would be glad to take a closer look on their side and investigate this further.

Reach out to them at, including your support key so they can find you faster in their system. Hopefully, we can get you back to collecting DNA as soon as possible!

This game draws a lot of battery power and believe it or not, a battery that is starting to struggle due to age is one of the biggest reasons that phones will spontaneously reboot. You could take it in and have it tested.

I’m not sure how you uninstalled and reinstalled the game but here is how I recommend doing it. I have learned this from dealing with issues in this game and other games. Some information can be stored in the cache partition that can get glitched and cause problems. Here is how I recommend uninstall/reinstall.

  1. Make sure that your account is tied to Google Play so that you can restore it.
  2. Go to Application Manager>JW Alive>Storage and clear the Cache then clear the Data.
  3. Wipe the Cache Partition on your phone. Google for instructions for your phone.You should not lose any data doing this. This step was essential to fixing a problem I had in another game which wasn’t being solved with regular uninstall/reinstall.
  4. Reinstall the game
  5. Connect your google Play account and you should be back up and running.

If you decide to try this, let me know if it works! Google luck. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tip, I’ve given it a go but unfortunately the problem is persisting :frowning:

Thank you John. I will drop them a message later.

Sorry to hear it didn’t work! I would recommend that you Google to see if your phone has a program which optimizes the battery usage. Google “[your phone model] optimize battery” and it should tell you how to access it. Go into all settings and make sure that it is turned off for JW Alive. Also make sure it’s turned off in the game settings as well. The spontaneous restart is often tied to battery issues.