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App freezing constantly


I looked down at the threads and found this mentioned before with the advise that it could be due to an unstable internet connection. This I know can’t be the case as it has occured at home on my fast and stable WiFi and out on my 4G.

These freezes also only occur DURING matches. Not at any other times.

But what was the most interesting occurring today was it was not just on my side of the match alone. Both me and my opponent seemed to have a problem at the exact same time.

I know this as I’ve gotten pretty fast at shutting the app down and relogging due to the huge number of freezes and bugs. Only to find my opponent was afk as I was.

I checked over my remaining health and the dmg of his auto strikes and it tallied up. He had gone the same turn I had.

I don’t know if these freezes are isolated to the iPhone 6, the OS or what. But it cannot be connection related.


My app keeps on freezing as I try to join an arena? Any suggestions or reasons why this could be happening?

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Hey anonshi, the game freezing can also be caused by a RAM issue. If this is happening during matches, try closing any background applications you have opened while playing the game and see if it runs more smoothly. If your game is backed up onto Facebook or Google Play, it can also help to clear the cache on your device.
If you are still having issues after trying those steps, contact our support team at with your support key so they can investigate further.