App freezing mid battle


I’m getting so annoyed when the app freezes during a battle and then you have to restart the app only to find when it finally lets you back on, you’ve lost the battle. It’s so unfair there should be a way of reporting it so the game is started again fairly. I lose trophies because YOUR app doesn’t work properly? It’s ridiculous it’s happening more and more. You can see if no one
Is responding that there’s an issue with their game
Play so can you sort it please?


I’ve noticed this issue sometimes when the phone switches from a wifi connection to cellular, but that’s the only time I’ve really noticed it.


Hey Michelle_Cox, I’m sorry to hear that you are having this issue and I can understand that it is frustrating. However, this could be caused by an unstable internet connection, try the troubleshooting steps here and see if it helps: Lost a battle I was winning
If you’re still having any issues, contact our support team at with your support key, and they’ll be happy to help you.