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App not working on iphone


Hey, haven’t been able to open the app for two days. Gets stuck on logo screen. I deleted and downloaded again and now it just gets stuck on a black screen with no logo


Hey Jconor88, could you please make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection before launching the game and that your device has enough internal data storage to run the app? Fully closing and rebooting your device might help as well. If you’re still having problems after restarting, reach out to our support team here at and our team can take a closer look.

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Thanks for the help - looks like the issue is finally resolved.

Any way to get some coins or something since this was not working for the past few days?


Hey Jconor88, glad to hear everything was fixed! Sadly we don’t have any access to compensation procedures on the forums. However, please feel free to let me know if you’re having any other issues.

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