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App won't even load

My game won’t even load. When I do open it, it loads about halfway then goes back. It does that a few times before just completely stopping in the middle. It won’t load at all after that, no matter how long I wait.

Hey Ima_cool_Nerd, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble loading into the game. If you’re connected to WiFi, could you try forgetting the network on your device and then re-adding it? If you’re still having issues after doing that, try restarting your device.

Let me know if that helps.

Thanks for the suggestions, I tried them but they didn’t work. I don’t want to delete it because I don’t want to lose my progress. More suggestions is appreciated.

I’m sorry that didn’t work. :sweat: The last thing I can think of would be to check and see if your game is updated to the latest version (1.6.11).

However, if you reach out to our support team here at, our team could try and provide you with some further troubleshooting.

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Yeah, it is updated to the latest version. I really love this game and I have my own clan! Thanks for your help, and I hope I can get my game back. :slight_smile: