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App won't load past 16/24

No matter how many times I restart my phone, I can’t get the app to load past 16/24.
(and yes, my internet is fine)

Anyone else experiencing this?

Tried uninstalling and re-instaling.
No success :frowning:

Just have to wait some time out. It will come back.

Could you tell me if something like this possibly happened?

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That’s pretty much what happened to me.
Guess I’ll just have to wait.
It’s a shame as it’s the first Saturday in a while where it hasn’t rained, and I do love me some Kentrosaurus!

Thanks for the reply.

I have lost the opportunity to dart the Touajingosaurus… 17 attempts lost…
Thanks Ludia…

Now I’ve lost the opportunity to upgrade at least 1 level and a half my Touramoloch…

Stuck in 16/24 for the last 3 hours of the event.

I have this problem too, for three hours now…
No solution?

It will be solved by itself.I had this problem before and i had done everything.The only solution was to w8 for 12 hours.

OK, I ll try to sleep… :sleeping:Thx…

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Same problem here.

Yep, has been happening more lately it seems - he says anecdotally. Just happened to me again a few minutes ago in fact.

It’s a known bug, has been there for at least a year. Apparently it doesn’t bother Ludia though. Or perhaps they are just too busy spending all that sweet, sweet boost :moneybag: :dollar:.

It came back after a few hours for me.
Managed to get my Kentrosaurus eventually.

Well cool, good to know. This happened to me for the first time today. Same process. Darted a dino, lost connection, reconnected and the same dino was back, like a glitch in the Matrix. Darted it again, restarted because I was having connection issues, and it’s stuck.

Idk if this even matters, but I’m using a Galaxy S9 with whatever the most recent update is.

Just a few hours till the tournament ends. I’m at rank 19x and watching it to drop slowly. Now you stuck me at 16/24! Bananas

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that you’re stuck on the loading screen, and our team has been made aware.

If you haven’t already, could you try some of the troubleshooting steps here in the meantime, and see if it helps: Stuck on loaded screen of game?


I’m really disappointed. I’ve been having plenty of issues these days trying to complete Touajingosaurus/Wearhoaaurus event.

Every day the game didn’t load when reached 16/24.

Today was my last attempt to get the 17 remaining… I closed the game and then when I started to play again It won’t load. Still had 2 hours to complete it which should have been enough but… As the game didn’t load I haven’t been able to dart all I needed.

Some kind of compensation? I have already written to support via email but I’m really tired of these random issues. Nearly +50 mails sent to support and most of them without serious answeras.

Best regards

Dang it, I’m supposed to be updating my alliance on our rewards and now I’m 16/24 locked out. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps including setting my time zone to Toronto, restarting my phone, reinstalling the game. This is really bad timing!

Had the same experience as someone above where I darted a Suchomimus, the game glitched out, and when I came back in I darted the same dino again.

In case it matters, my phone battery is draining super fast while this is happening, even after restarting my phone and reinstalling the app. iPhone SE, latest version.

I can’t get past 1/24 for the last hour.
I swear, I think this game is actively trying to scare away its remaining player base now.

Could have written this myself. Geez, was really looking forward to unlocking Pterovexus today.

Shame on Ludia for allowing their rudimentary anti-cheat code to swallow up hordes of legit players due to the game’s bugs. Would at least be nice to know how long I’m locked out for!

Happening to me right now, needs addressed

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Hi everyone,

Anyone else have connection issue? I try to log in and the game load up to 16/24 then stop!

It was working fine this morning… and now ive been trying for last 2 hours to log in and i can’t …