Apparently you can find legendaries in the wild

I asked a while back and everyone said no but i went on facebook and saw this in comments and someone found it roaming. Check the levels of the Trex and Raptor.

During a special event, yes

  1. That’s from a long time ago in 1.6 or lower
  2. That’s probably from an event
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You can get them from special events, like the 5 attempts at uniques during st. Patrick’s day

Yeah probably an event dart just like Sunday of this week.


On rare occasions, you get legendary’s DNA from incubators.


Certain special events this happens

I had replies you couldn’t get them from events either. Odd.

You have lot of bad info lol

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Yeah, false.

But wouldn’t this be bad ass. If there was a tiny tiny chance that legendary dinos could spawn?


It is only 5/100… nobody is that bad at darting a wild dino.
It must have been an incubator gift.

[EDIT: I forgot you needed 200 DNA to unlock it… oops!]

yeah thats from events and you could also unlock it from legendary incubators that give you 200 legendary dna.

You haven’t seen my darting … :roll_eyes:


Even incubators, can occasionally gv u legendary DNA…

dont forget he has 205 since creating it costs 200 :wink:


I remember, I was one of, well the only one on this occasion that said no they never spawn in the wild, not even for events.

As others have said that 5 dna is likely from a incubator reward that very rarely gives a little legendary treat, or they caught the last event that had Indom in and failed miserably at darting.

Yes I was going to say this but first it costed 200 to create it. That’s 205 dna.

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Indominus will spawn upcoming sunday again ^^
also, dont forget creating costs 200 dna, so 68 on average over 3 attempts (for example) is perfectly possible

Yes that’s true, I forgot, so they would have darted 205 dna. And I know it’s coming in this event, but this topic is about it spawning in the wild, which it never does, not even during events.

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Youre right, i didnt mean a distinction between wild or green stops, just that its dartable and not an incubator necessity to end with 5.