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Appearance of the map changed

Am I hallucinating but it’s looks like it’s winter now!

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There appears to be even some snowflakes floating around :slight_smile:

Very weird

No, those are dandelion puffs


That happened to me as well

i opened the game to a spawned megaloceros. so winter for sure in more than just apperance

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Winter is coming…surely was a very short summer

Summer is in the air :blossom: :sunflower: :tulip:. With that, comes pollen.

achoo~ :sneezing_face:


I encountered Mega too.

Mega in the wild :heart_eyes:

megaloceros in the wild? haven’t seen one, but that’s exciting.

Got mega from a scent

Wait a sec, isn’t Gaia the hybrid pursuit? :thinking:

gosh. yes it is.

My map is the same, but I am not surprised why winter started in my country yesterday, I suppose that is why the color and the similarity that it is snowing.

I have also seen a Megaloceros in my area today.

I’ve been suffering the last couple months. :frowning: :sneezing_face:

It’s Sumter now!

This a slightly off topic, but map related anyhow.
My map has been in constant night mode for a few weeks now. What makes it quite odd is that I live so up North (Arctic circle or 66.5 lat) that here sun doesn’t set for a month. Last sunrise was two weeks ago and the next sunset will be in July 7th.
Ludia might need to check their day/night algorithms, I should say :slight_smile:
Not complaining though with all the Velos, Echos and other night creatures spawning all through day :smiley:

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I live on Malaysia, everyday summer hot. @BadiBasso