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Apple ID not linked with the account

I always logging into the game server with my Apple ID But since the crashes on iOS last week, my account are not able to log into. While I logged into my Apple ID, server provides me a new account with new support key. My account only able to log into via the visitor section and the headache part was that my account shows that it was linked with Apple ID. But it was not linked to my Apple ID.

Please help me to solve it as i have been put a lots of effort in this game.

Welcome to the forums, Agnes0512! I’m sorry to hear that this happened. By any chance, were you able to take note of the support key to your original account? Please reach out and provide your support key to our support team at so they can take a closer look at this and provide assistance. Thank you.

Yes, I have sent to with the support key of my original account a week ago But there is no any response from them.

Instead of this, is that any other ways that could help me to reach out with them?

I sent you a private message, @Agnes0512.