Apple store vs Android pricing


Quick query but how do Ludia suggest the price differences between android and Apple is even remotely fair?

The latest flying thing incubator is £23.99 on Apple devices but only £18.99 on android devices???


US $24.99 on android.


I’m Apple, guy at work is android, both offered the same incubator, same contents but different pricing


Two individuals can get different offers for the same accomplishment due to:

  1. Your Level: Higher the Level, pricier the incubator
  2. What was the last offer you bought.
    E.g.: If you had bought $9.99 offer last time, you would get the $19.99 offer next time, then $24.99 and so on.

This might be the reason both of you got different offers.


Looking at the flying incubator on both devices, my two colleagues are the same level and when looking at the info would receive the same slips of cards rare, epic etc. The cost purely different between android shop and apple.