Apple TV “Prehistoric Planet” has better dino animation than the Jurassic World movies

Anyone catch the first episode last night. It’s produced by Jon Favreau and the dinosaurs are more realistic than any of the Jurassic World movies. Highly recommended


I mean, it’s a documentary with actual care put into making the dinosaurs look accurate, instead of dinos that follow the rule of cool lol… Anyway, I would like to watch it, but I don’t have Apple Tv+. Hope to get a free trial for it soon though.


There is a 7 day free trial for your first subscription. You can cancel it before the period ends and you won’t waste a dime. You also get 3 months free if you have an Apple device


I actually think accurate dinosaurs look cooler and can actually be scarier than JP style Dino’s if done right


I have one, sadly I only knew about the documentary’s existence after the 3 month offer timed out.

I don’t like prehistoric planet because of redditors

Because JW is a movie created for entertainment

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I just watched the ice worlds episode