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Apply boosts to dino?

I’ve read on the help page how to apply boosts to dinos, but can’t figure it out
I got these boosts from an incubator. How can I change them to another dino?

Thank you.

PS. How can I attach a screenshot?

Click on the dino. Then click on the stat you want to change.

Click on any of these. From left to right is hp, atk, speed

I do not believe you can move them to another dino once applied.

You definitely can not, so; be very mindful of which dinos you apply them to!

Thanks for your reply. I couldn’t chose which Dino got the boosts from the incubator. They just appeared on a dinosaur. I read on the forum about how people boost certain dinos, but I can’t figure out how.

I just showed u how in my picture. Click on the dino u want to boost. Then click on the stat(refer to picture)

Lol apply it.

Dinos aren’t for specific dinos. They’re put in your inventory and can be used on whatever u want. They also don’t “Just appear” on a dino. You have to boost them to apply them. And since you haven’t learned how to boost dinos yet, then well…

Exactly. I don’t think he actually read the replies

Yeah ^ it doesn’t apply boosts on its own. Lol you choose a dino and click its health, attack, or speed to apply it…like the picture showed.

Level 30 Thor. Soon.

Boost any Dino, chances are they are getting reset again :joy::man_facepalming:t2: