Applying a New Mechanic to Your Custom Creatures

This is a new mechanic I created called Unlockable Moves. This mechanic ONLY works for hybrid creatures.

Every hybrid’s active move slot has 2 alternative moves, allowing you to diversify your creatures to fit different playstyles, whether you want a more defensive, offensive, raid-viable or any other playstyle on a creature.

You unlock these new moves through buying them with Ability Points. These are obtained through Arena Incubators, Daily Battle Incubators, and the Ability Point Strike battle. The higher a creature’s rarity, the more Ability Points are needed to buy a move. You can swap between any moves you bought at any time with no cost or drawback.

Here is an example of a creature’s moveset with this feature implemented:

Tenontorex’s new moveset:

Resilient Strike
Group Cleansing Strike (buyable)
Superiority Strike (buyable)

Lesser Group Heal
Instant Distraction (buyable)
Lesser Emergency Heal (buyable)

Defense Shattering Rampage
Definite Rampage (buyable)
Intimating Impact (buyable)

Distracting Impact
Cunning Impact (buyable)
Distracting Rampage (buyable)

This feature is to help bring more strategy and veriety to the game, while helping out some low-tiers in the process.

I will be applying this mechanic to your custom creatures. If your creature is a hybrid with a custom ingredient, please show that ingredient so I know what to base the moves off of.

You can also request ingame creatures as well.


Don’t know if we can only do one at a time but could you do these?


Cunning Strike
Minor Rending Attack B
Resilient Strike B

Piercing Pounce
Rampage B
Resilient Rampage B

Taunting Shields
Distracting Impact B
Defense Shattering B

Rending Takedown
Rending Attack B
Armor Piercing Rampage B

Elidominus Gen 2:
Definite Speedup Strike
Daring Strike B
Group Accelerate Cunning Strike B

Mutual Fury
Debilitating Distraction B
Instant Distraction B

Precise Shattering Rampage
Precise Rampage B
Cunning Rampage B

Group Acceleration B
Nullifying Impact B

Superior Vulnerability
Shielded Taunting Strike B
Fierce Strike B

Lethal Wound
Ferocious Strike B
Binding Impact B

Revenge Instant Ferocity
Taunting Shields B
Immobilize B

Group Decelerating Rampage
Fierce Rampage B
Group Taunting Shields Impact B

Superior Vulnerability
Shielded Taunting Strike B
Definite Strike B

Stunning Wound
Killer Instinct B
Maiming Wound B

Revenge Instant Ferocious Strike
Ferocious Impact B
Revenge Definite Rampage B

Emergency Group Heal
Immobilize B
Instant Invincibility Taunt B

Shielded Decelerating Strike
Resilient Strike B
Cleansing Strike B

Decelerating Impact
Precise Impact B
Refresh B

Precise Rampage
Group Decelerating Rampage B
Resilient Rampage B

Group Bellowing Impact
Dig In B
Emergency Heal B


What about these?

I’ll need to see Daspletosaurus and Dryosaurus before I can complete their hybrids, but here’s the one for Monogaia:

Shielded Decelerating Strike
Cunning Strike B
Cleansing Strike B

Cunning Impact
Group Decelerating Strike B
Short Defense B

Distracting Impact
Delayed Cunning Rampage B
Cleansing Decelerating Impact B

Emergency Heal
Group Distraction B
Impact B

Also from now on I’ll signify buyable moves by playing a B next to them.

Why is Dryodeinus a Wild Card?

A question. Can we swap between the moves before battle in the my teams section, or while in battle, or both?

Only before the battle

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I had too many cunning resilients

Here’s my Ouranosaurus Gen 2, based on the couple we see in CC Season 3:

Ouranosaurus Gen 2

Could you design some ability choices?

I might, but this mechanic is normally only exclusive to hybrids, since I don’t have anything to base the moves off of besides the creature itself if it isn’t a hybrid.

I know I just asked for some, but I would really like to see these guys as well please