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Approaching to 100K with commons


I am approaching o 100K collected darts of my most “common” commons: Deinocheirus, Miragaia, Nundasuchus and sure Majungasaurus. Other are more or less over 50 K (except Draco and Velo). Is there really a limit of 100K? …Because with the next Alliance Missions I am will have problems darting - or will dart count to the mission? Is there any way to get rid of the overnumbered darts as there is no interest with the donations?


200k is the limit for commons…and I believe I heard that the darting still counts toward missions, though it won’t be added to your total.

@Wwwoodchuck ?

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Max capacity is 200,000 darted DNA in storage for a common (50,000 for Rare). That can be 200k at level 1, 2, 3 right up to level 30. You can have more than 200,000 DNA for any particular common if you already have 200,000 and receive some in an incubator. It will show as 200000+/xxxxx under the Dino.

If you are at max storage for a common or a rare, it will still count for daily missions and alliance missions if you continue to dart them, it just will not accumulate in your storage. I would think this applies to Epic also but have never maxed out on one, so cannot confirm first hand.

There is no way to ‘delete’ DNA once it is in storage, you can use it by leveling up that Dino, but that will cost coins.


No, it won’t add if you already have it maxed. Or has it changed since 1.5?



I can only see the actual balance increase when I receive some in an incubator, but it does show the plus. This picture is from 1/12, I believe that was before 1.5? I do not have one of an earlier one with the plus on it.


I do not have any other examples. Nunda is the only one I stopped leveling. The others I hit the Evolve button when I hit 200k. Rare I hit the button when I get to within one capture away from max. I have not had to worry about this with Epic, ever!


I have never seen the +sign. My video was from the Dec 27th strike tower. That’s when I decided to start leveling my Diplotator. He is now at lvl 29 after I have collected enough coins. I still have Diplocaulus DNA maxed though. :joy:

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I would love to get Diplotator up to team level, but I do not hunt L3 or L2 so see very few of them. :frowning:

Perhaps when Ludia see fit to rotate locals, I will get some!!!

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I have sucho maxed out.

Now where are my glasses?


If you use cash to speed up incubators, you can go over the max. They have to give it to you since the in-game cash has an actual cash value. Or if you buy an incubator.


@anon31474549 I wish I had your issue! I would love to have that much deino dna.


Been thinking on this.

I have not purchased any incubators nor have I used cash to open battle incubators.

But! I have PAID $200 in-game cash to re-battle an Epic strike tower. I must have received Nunda in one of those.

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