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Appropriateness of Ads

Rise of Berk is rated as a 4+ game in the App Store. I can attest that my 4-year old LOVES playing “dragons” as she is obsessed with everything from HTTYD. I wish that the ads were more age appropriate inline with the game’s rating, or that there was a game setting to filter them by rating. So many of the ads are for apps that are 12+ or even worse 17+. I do my best to filter what she sees, but it would be awesome if Ludia were able to incorporate some kind of parental control for the ads. You don’t have to get rid of the ads, we love to speed things up! But a more family friendly ad policy would be fantastic.


I’ll second that. Sometimes I have to turn the tablet over when I’m playing the game with my kids.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, 5McGs! I’ll make sure to forward this to our team. :slight_smile:

Good idea! I’m mature enough to view the ad content, but some things I just don’t like seeing.

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