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April 5 - 11 Calendar

“Hello Adventurer,
What an exciting upcoming week! A guild rally, a warrior draft, Halbenet’s Silverhand trial and
two D&D campaigns live on twitch!

Tell us what you are most looking forward to in the comment section below!”

Unequal pvp matchmaking. Besides levels the fact that my opponents will be their best ( hit critical and special attributes with characters, weapons, and armor) while mine never do! Last match missed 4 straight times with a level paladin who hadn’t hit the deathward in pvp match in my last 30+

Wait you got 100 gold

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Why monsters does have so high level on return to xxx events? My toons are like level 13 and is so hard to beat it!

That’s the point of Return to X
It’s an upgraded event for people that have completed all the other events and are looking for something tougher.
The cost is a bit prohibitive tho.