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April AC

so Monolorhino is the last exclusive unique who’s AC(alliance championship) hasn’t finished yet
once it finishes what comes next? will they add a new exclusive unique? repeat it? or remove the feature which is unlikely but some leaks were shown and it shows no new exclusive unique either there won’t
be an exclusive or its being hidden if not it might be testacornibus since it was the first unique tournament
btw the tournaments went testa-tenrex-maxima-dilorach-orion-gemini-spinocon-skoona-antarctoven-utarinex-poukan-mrhino


Time will tell us.
I’ve seen the leaks aswell, but i dont think we will get 5 new dinos only.
Perhaps one of them is exclusive or ludia will swap exclusives and normal spawns.

We could get non exclusiv uniques for rewards aswell. Or my crazy bet, we will get tourney for apex dinos. Then we had more room for new apex dinos (maybe hybrid apex?).

But after all noone knows at this point.