April Fool’s idea

I know April is still like 6 months away, but still…
My idea is to have a super hard raid based on… wait for it… wait for it… The Lion King!
Like we could have Scar as the boss, with Simba and a hyena as the minions. They could have moves based on famous lines from the movie. Like scar could have a ferocity move called “our teeth and our ambitions are bared” and a gsr called “long live the king”. Simba could have a group healing move called “Hakuna Matata” and an invincibility move called “I laugh in the face of danger”.

What do you guys think?

I fail to see why the Lion King should be added to a game called Jurassic World Alive


I dont get it…
Why should Lion KIng, with real life modern animals be added to a “Jurassic” World Alive game"?
Jwa focuses on prehistoric animals
Lion king is not prehistoric
Godzilla? Sure
King Kong? Sure
Lion King? Nope

what if you have to fight a level 30 trex and level 30 blue but each time you try to tap on a move that can knock it out the game goes “ah ah ah you need to say the magic word”


I’m still leaning towards a mega Compy.


Can I get something special on April Fools cause its my literal birthday?

I don’t understand lion king relating to the game. I personally would enjoy a event where you fight something pretty hard but somewhat related to dinosaurs or the movies

Like Disney would allow that…

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Technically they stole the Gorgosaurus design from Walking With Dinosaurs 3D. Unknown Unknown-1 Do see the resemblance?

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lmao so true