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April Fools Day is supposed to be in good fun. Ludia seems to think that trolling is the same as fooling. Today’s “pranks” are (so far) just mean spirited


i put in the work for my anky DNA. where is it? some people get it and others don’t? what’s the deal with this?


I dont see it that way… we get a blue and epic strike… considering there hasnt been a we were just joking about the reworked events schedule post as of yet… we are getting extra strikes this week due to this event. Not the best joke but once the reworked events schedule kicks… we are gonna realize they gave us extra stuff just doesnt feel like it yet.

As far as april fool jokes go… this one seems to have been born on these forums from a thread back in august. I gotta give them some credit for that. Not the best april fools joke… but ill still give it a 7/10.


I absolutely LOVE this April Fools junk they did. I woke up, turned on the game, and instantly started dying of laughter :joy:
As far as I’m concerned… Ludia wins April Fools Day.


So I didn’t get anky dna either . I got useless lythronax instead . And I don’t think that’s funny at all .


Lord Lythronax doesn’t need your gratitude or amusement… he wants your salt. He NEEDS salt to survive.



This is amazing.



Take this, Lord Lyth.


Lord Lythro be like


I love the event so far :heart_eyes:, yet I also agree that the no anky for what we worked for is completely uncalled for and upsetting.

Maybe we can earn 200 anky tomorrow in the daily quest, who knows.

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Could someone please explain what said jokeis. Iv been playing this game since 2 am STN est time and iv seen nothing as a joke. Lots of Lyth but still plenty of other Dino’s and lots of swag… Whats so funny?


Whats the joke??? Someone please tell me. Is the joke that their is no joke and I’m pulling my hair out looking for a joke!!!


If you see a gold strike tower, go try it. You will understand soon enough. :wink:


This is actually very funny. Tried that gold tower about 10 times. The Lord is basically the unique that people have been dreaming that DioRaja gets buffed to. I put level 7 Lythronax on my team for a laugh and he has been selected for two battles today, both of which I won. I swapped him in when both mine and opponents dinos were on low health, opponent Erlidominus used basic attack, and lythro killed it with the counter. Dirty.


I must be missing something…


I completed the gold strike tower… No issues. If this is the joke it’s the equivalent of when my dad would say there’s 10$ on the counter and when I looked there was 10 singles and he would say “April fools…huh” like very funny… It’s still 10$… It’s still dino DNA. It’s still young my rank and giving exp…

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… I get it. The joke is their is no joke. Clever and very meta of you Ludia. I look forward to future entertainment similar to the likes of fart jokes and gobbledee took. Well done


Of course there is no joke, there is only Lord Lythronax.

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You talking to yourself? :crazy_face:
For anybody without specific, expensive dinos, this is a hilariously impossible troll battle.


I love this. Most games would not even do anything like this. Just enjoy it and have fun and happy April fools day :grin: