April Fool's Day Special Event Dinos


Do-you-think-he-saurus and Do-you-think-he-saurus Rex

Please make it happen!


Yep… April fools day… in September


I’m thinking ahead! This brilliance takes time to approve and program.


This thread will be burried by mid September let alone survive the next 7 month’s haha


You’re just jealous you didn’t think of it first.


You got it in one…


More of an April fools if they change everything to Rex and after you get the drone back you find out what you really caught.


I propose the Mighty Lythronax instead. Morbid sense of humor that I have, I think that joke with everything being Lythonax might be a little more well-received than everything being T-Rex. CS would probably have to deal with more dissatisfaction if people mistakenly initially believed it was a T-Rex event. Lythronax memes aside, most people are not REALLY pursuing them actively. I’m certainly not.


This is on the track to a great idea though. I would love special events for Halloween, Christmas, April fools, Easter (Easter eggs?!) Etc etc.


There’s some speculation that the Scariest Creature poll they asked us to take recently may have to do with a Halloween event.


(and I still think that fictional, joke dinos for April Fool’s Day would be a great idea :stuck_out_tongue: )


This man is 7 months ahead of us


Just don’t put any novelty hats on the Raptors :roll_eyes:


Gary Larson to the rescue again, Tyrannosaurus Mex!


When I saw the headline, I expected to see something like this…


Knew Carl would have the first reply to this. A little suspicious that it isn’t flagged though


…Stygimoloch Gen 2. All over the map.



Oh, please put novelty hats on the raptors! And T-Rex, too!


Woman! And we usually are! :stuck_out_tongue: