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April fools event 2021

With the introduction of raids in 2.0, what will the next April fools challenge have in store, an apex lord lythronax? Any other speculations?

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i think they should do a strike tower challenge with Mortem rex instead. Difficult to defeat just like the previous April fools bosses. just don’t give out its dna. instead just a premium inc.

Lord Goathronax.

It’ll have 1875 HP, but 200 speed, 9000 damage, Instant Rampage, Instant Defense-shattering Rampage, Instant Devastation and Instant Persistent Ferocious Strike.
Also, On Escape Lockdown Invincibility, and 100% resistance to DoT.
The level cap for the strike tower will be 26.

It is beatable, but I’m not going to say how.

well, what are the delays and cooldowns? cause i got a thing in mind.

Instant DSR has a 1-turn Delay, 1-turn Cooldown. Instant Devastation has a 2-turn Delay, 1-turn Cooldown. Instant Persistent Ferocious Strike is its basic move.

that invincibility on the escape is what gets me.

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It can’t be Mortem. That would be dull. In April 2021, we will be really bored with fighting with him. It must be something funny. Like Apatosaurus


Would be hilarious if… the boss somehow was the drone.

Darting Strike
Roflcopter (buffs itself while darting and healing self)
Evasive Maneuver (dodge + speed up)
It’s Raining Darts (like a rampage but with distraction)

Ability: on escape dodge 100% for 2 turns.

The drone’s motivation? Players not heeding this warning:

Also, they could split these into strikes.
Easy strike: Rookie Drone
Medium Strike: Classic Drone
Master Strike: Veteran Drone


or how about the raptor pack? all 4 raptors with insane abilities.


I’d like the drone. It could have some kind of evasive move set and shoot darts.

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Added attacks and ability in previous post.


Lord Lythronax was a reference to how bad Lythronax was, right? As in they were responding to our feedback.

I have a feeling that the boss could be Procerathomimus or Indoraptor G2, because of all the complaints and stuff. Cautious Strike basically became a running joke at one point.

Maybe it could be Duke Dracoceratops. They are aware of what we think of it, since Dracoceratosaurus seems to be a reference (the coincidence seems unlikely to me).

But if they go by the trend of using weak or underpowered creatures, something like Apato might do.


“Stronk” Apato is a classic JWA meme, that’s why I mentioned it



Please do this Ludia :wink: .

Lmao, so funny about the warning! :joy:

The drone of doom

The alanraptor

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But Alan is in the game


Mammolania’s Resilient Rampage