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April Fools Event tomorrow?


Will we face tomorrow the Lord Lythronax?
My estimation 5 different Strikes (inclusive boss) + April fools treasure hunt. + Lord Lyhtronax as a common at the special stops.
What do you think will wait for us tomorrow?


More disappointment.


Aquatic epic dinos on april 1st! :wink:




I was hoping for a new dinosaur. The JWA equivalent of Magikarp, except with no hybrid. Has strike + acute stun for moves. Awful stats. Faster than a raptor for good measure.



Edit: since he was kind enough to remove his comment, the gist was him giving the OP a hard time for posting a YouTube link that wasn’t recorded in English.


That would actually be awesome!! Haha


This better be a joke or I’m gonna be really mad. I did not spend money on this game for it to end up like this. You better pray this is a joke Ludia or Wizards Unite will look really appealing…

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wizards unite is already doing better by the looks of the weekly events. :rage::face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


To be fair wizards unite is going to have its own cult following anyways :sweat_smile:

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Lord lythronax confirmed.

Although, maybe it’s all a joke. It is April 1st here.

Lol jk

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What if this is the Yutyrannus?

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What’s this Lord lythronax? Am I missing something

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"A new kind of vicious tyrannosaur that pre-dates Tyrannosaurus rex has been unearthed in southern Utah and christened the “King of Gore”. “Now the newest royal addition to the dinosaur family tree has been named Lythronax argestes - literally the king of gore (or sinister blood, if you will) from the southwest.” - 2013 Science Article


My bet is that in a few hours we will see the first legendary non-hybrid … it can be interesting.


As per green aura in image it seems like a unique Dino :thinking:


Concavenator hybrid would kinda make sense?

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Maybe you’re right … but I do not think they make a unique not hybrid rather than legendary non-hybrid … maybe it’s just the first unique made from two legendary …


I’ve been curious about games and how they work for a very long time and for decades have examined game files of various game types to gain an insight as to how they work. Many times data files are in a text format. I won’t reverse code binaries or modify files to change their function especially in an online game with other players where everybody should be playing by the same set of rules. That’s not fair to other players and actually isn’t fun for me (it be kind of like playing one of those card games where the other player keeps changing the rules, “yeah the Ace of Spades is the best card you can have in your hand except on Wednesday when it’s the worst card and today is Wednesday. I know I played it last hand and won but that’s because I had a suicidal King in my hand to play with it.”

I have viewed JWA creature attribute data files and can tell you there is a super Lythronax in the files. It has higher health and damage than anything else (~20%-25% higher than the highest health/damage dinosaurs). Going by memory it has 60% armor, 20% crit chance, and has a speed of 132. I didn’t get as far as finding its move set or if it is immune. This is what was in the apk file several weeks ago and of course can change.


No news on twitter yet.