April Fool's Update idea

What if Ludia gives you nothing but T-rex Gen 2 Card Packs every time you complete missions, win fights, clicking on your Dinosaurs to “get DNA”, clicking on buildings, trading resources, when you unlock the facts for one of your creatures, and clicking to the food buildings they’ll just give you T-rex Gen 2 Card Packs for all of these instead of the Coins, Bucks, DNA and Food. Now every creature costs T-rex Gen 2 but if you buy said creature it would result in a fusion between the dinosaur you are wanting to buy and T-rex Gen 2 (this will only for Velociraptor Gen 2 and Dracoceratops with T-rex Gen 2 S-DNA). New April Fool’s Hybrid Dracocerarex (Dracoceratops + T-rex Gen 2 S-DNA) in the April Fool’s update it costs 0 T-rex Gen 2 S-DNA but it costs 1200 T-rex Gen 2 S-DNA when not April Fool’s.


No thanks, I like my resources. and this would be way too OP.


While I’m reading your lines, all I’m seeing is bugs, bugs and guess what? Bugs again. How about after every click you make, the game throws you out?

Please don’t get me wrong. We all have some lively ideas here and there, but let alone adding those to the game, even removing decos is making the game crash right atm. The more complex it gets, the more crash prone it becomes. Our game is way different than JWA and not only as quality but capability at the same time.

Sorry, I also have to disagree on this. :point_up:t2:


Yeaaah, practically this is going to be disastrous. Not only would this bring several bugs, it would also technically just give away free T-Rex Gen 2 copies just like that.


I laughed when reading this :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Uhmmm I don’t understand what is this about. All I read was “Trex Gen 2, Trex Gen 2, Trex Gen 2.”

I am absolutely confused.

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Besides the boss I want Ludia to give everyone Troodon Card Packs for the Whole Day.

An earlier suggestion for April Fools of Tyrannosaurus Gen 2 packs all day was not a viable idea, and I believe that discussion took place long back.

Why would Troodon packs be any better? Why would you suggest something that would give away too much strong stuff so easily?

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I would have been happy back then, but now with Troodon unlocked plus I remaxed him quite recently, no thank you.

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Hey what about release a new amphibian hybrid or playable dodo on April fools day

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Great idea.

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Wait April fools is this year a Friday so chances are good a hybrid or tournament creature could be released that day

it will be good, to name our Park and to be able to visit the Park of others, we will be able to collect coins for them and make code 19 for them!