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Aqua-Ceno Line Ups?

Should I start spending DNA towards my Aquatic or Cenezoic Line Up? This is my Jurassic Line Up right now. I have a good mix of all classes according to me .

I am able to complete all of my regular events.

Can you always finish in DOM and complete PvE without any DB speed ups?


Yes. Right now I can, I have finished in Dominator quite a few times by now.

Sure, start on Aquatic or Ceno than.


Everyone has different preferences and plays a little different so for me looking at your line up I personally would like a little more depth closer to your higher ferocity dinos.
I tend to balance my line up by tournament dom teams. I like around 7 or 8 really solid teams, Herb, Amphib, Carno. This allows me to plays tournaments twice a day at most so fairly minimal effort and still skate to a dom finish.

With that being said you don’t have too many solid teams. Perhaps you prefer to take your chances with a trash dino, good dino, trash dino which is fine, if that works for you then do it and proceed however you want.

If it were my game i would look to add a couple herbs, carno’s and amphibs between your Rajastega and your lvl 40 legendaries. Lvl 30 Tournament and lvl 30 rare and super rare hybrids would fit the bill as well as lvl 11-20 VIP and Legendary hybrid dinos.



Okay. I would have done something similar too,but I have finished quite a few times,I was wondering about level 40 Legendaries,then I remembered the hatch times and decided to shut off.

I use my top 4 dinos alongside 2 Triceratops level 1. That is already 4 teams.

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what do you think your win % is with those?

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With the Monostegotops it is around 70%, Indominus is about 85% .

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Mostly because of class advantage/disadvantages,while Monostegotops has a higher ferocity,it mostly has a lower victory rate than Indominus Rex. My 90%+ victory rates teams are - Level 40 Pteranodon and above ferocity combined with 2 Level 10 VIPs, or level 40 common hybrids.

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One team with an unexpectedly high victory rate is Ankylodocus,Concavenator and Prestosuchus.

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After looking at your line up, it is somewhat similar to my daughters line-up except you fed a few of your dino’s a few more times and her line up has some more of the gaps filled in and doesn’t drop off quite as quick.

I just added the lvl 30 Proterogyrinus and the lvl 15 Prestosuchus, she has a lvl 30 acanthostega in the works as well as another Monostego, Diplosuchus and lvl 11+ Presto After all that is done her game should be pretty set. Then just need to start playing the long game I guess

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That’s pretty deep in comparison to mine . I lack level 40 Legendaries,only T Rex Gen 2 Level 40 and Pteranodon are maxed. I am thinking about them,because of the coin production, my Level 40 Pteranodon and T. rex have a high coin production rate,I think I will focus on those at some point. They will also come in handy for Tournaments.

I went the same route as you. Trex and pteronodon are really great coin producers and I still use them a lot in fights, so they are not nearly as useless as common hybrids.

I have a very deep bench now, so started focusing on aquatics and man those hatch times with legendaries are not cool, especially since I focus on clear market strategy and tourney dinos clog my hatchery. I am still going to add a few legendaries but my approach has been to focus on the hybrids as they have excellent hatch times although my dna amount is taking a hit (each one takes something like 20-25k dna to hatch).
Cenos have at least the coin to ceno trade, but bad hatch time…

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Try coins to Aquatics, I have gotten a Pliosaurus for 66 million coins once.


If your hunting legendarys with solid gold packs, and prize drops i would say save your dna for Jurassic. Most of the contests and daily challenges revolve on Jurassic.

Also aquatic an Cenozoic legendarys tend to cool down quickly. Aquatics level 30 can fight 2x a day. You dont need past level 30 legendarys to win 99% of your battles in aquatic.

But if your going to have to build one, go aquatic. Pvp battles are far easier and the prizes are usually legendary aquatics which have higher selling value in trade harbor.

The real problem is there is no real good hybrid reefs. Leptostega tries to be a glass cannon, but its just not up to snuff compared to the other aquatic hybrids.

If you have 4 or 5 good teams in aquatic and Cenozoic, your set for any tourneys your going to encounter. Where as you really could use 10+ good Jurassic teams.

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I got a Dakosaurus and Prognathodon from Aquatic PvP today. Gonna wait and hatch them though.

My Archelon level 10 is pretty much a Jurassic level 40 super rare in terms of ferocity

Most of the lvl 40 legendary dino’s on her game were built from PvE and in a fairly short time. Her game was on a stint for a while where she would get the same legendary from prizes several times in a row, then after about 4 or 5 she would starting getting something else. I have a feeling I had a lot of Pred finishes in tournaments too and didn’t rush to get into Dom.

Need to start thinking about starting to make some of the Legendary hybrids on her game and maybe even a tournament hybrid here and there soon. All in due time.

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